Courtney Robertson on the Women Tell All: Who’s crying now?

This week’s episode was a Bachelor first!!! It was the first time in Bachelor history that a finalist has ever been on the Women Tell All. And the amazing ladies managed to make the evil robot model cry! But, we are left wondering, were the tears out of remorse and guilt for how she treated the ladies on the show? Or is she is just trying to patch things up with Ben and to repair her damaged reputation? Or…is she just upset by all the new and negative media attention she’s getting?

It’s likely that Courtney was approached by ABC and was offered either money or the opportunity to clear up her name by going on the WTA episode. And we think her tears aren’t out of true remorse, but rather humiliation. She was caught red-handed. And it’s not that she has learned not to say such nasty things. It’s that she has learned not to say such nasty things on national television.

It seemed to be more of a “woe is me” self-loathing moment, which is yet another characteristic of Borderline Personality Disorder (our unprofessional diagnosis of the Bachelor vixen).  But, we do give her major props for facing the ladies head on. That took some serious guts. Especially since even the most confident villain out there would likely have a rough time facing a 23-member strong (24 if you count Chris Harrison, who doesn’t often take sides, but seems to be fairly anti Courtney) gang-up.

Or, maybe the tears were for Ben? Did Ben dump her after seeing her true colors on the show? Is that why he was allegedly seen cheating on Courtney two weeks ago? It’s all very confusing. And Courtney is really good at “performing.” After all, she is “the talent,” as she reminded Ben during a one-on-one when she was talking about how tough life is as a famous model.

Perhaps she pulled a “Joey” from Friends? (Remember the episode when Joey explained how he makes himself cry when acting by putting a hole in one of his pockets so he can reach down and tug out a leg hair on cue?) I mean… I wouldn’t be surprised. Plus, her single soap opera tear doesn’t really compare to Michelle Money’s breakdown in the hot seat during the last Women Tell All.

The even bigger mystery is that she was also spotted trying on wedding dresses a few days ago. It is undoubtedly spelled out in their contracts that they cannot be seen trying on wedding dresses prior to the finale! I mean….what gives?!? So was it real or just another cry for attention? And as if that wasn’t enough scandal for one pseudo-celeb there is the new rumor that Courtney Robertson may be pregnant circulated by In Touch magazine. Maybe Courtney is experiencing a surge of hormones manifesting as tears.

One thing is for sure. She certainly put on a good show during the WTA, and she certainly has made this season entertaining. I mean let’s be honest…would we all have been glued to our TVs Monday nights if Courtney were not on the show? I guess only time will tell how sincere Courtney’s less-than-Emmy-worthy apology was.

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