Did Bachelor Ben Flajnik break up with Courtney Robertson?

Bachelor Nation sits in anticipation of not this week’s Bachelor Season 16 finale, but of this week’s After the Final Rose special. No season of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette has ever been this spoiled prior to the finale airing. We hate spoilers and try to not read spoilers, but they were EVERYWHERE this season: all over the Internet (and not just on spoiler guru Reality Steve’s site), all over news stands….

Honestly, the fact that Ben Flajnik proposes to model Courtney Robertson in the end has simply been plastered everywhere! But, the mystery that remains is: What happened between the couple between the taping of the final episode on November 16, 2011 and the taping of the After the Final Rose special on March 3, 2012?

And, although we HATE show spoilers, we LOVE getting the scoop on what the Bachelor/ette couples are up to now. Who’s dating who. Who’s cheating on who. Who’s hanging out with who. Etc… So, the latest situation we uncovered about the status of Ben and Courtney’s relationship is the kind of fodder we just love to read about.

The latest rumor is: Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson broke up on February 7, 2012, but have since reconciled and are currently together. Apparently Ben even proposed to her a second time, and presented her with an all-new ring! (Was it a Neil Lane ring?!?!) From

“Snitches have revealed that Ben did propose to Courtney, but that they broke up in mid-February. Since, they have gotten back together and he has even presented her with a new ring.

On the March 3rd taping of After The Final Rose, Courtney was sans engagement ring. In addition, she ignored the boos coming from the audience — because she’s been such a nasty person during the show. She was said to be all teary-eyed about her “love” for Ben. When asked if she could ever “trust him fully”, she said, “Not completely.”

Courtney said that Ben dumped her after proposing in November, but has since reconciled with her. During the show, Courtney said that she felt abandoned after getting dumped by Ben around February 7th. She said, “I had bad days where I stayed in bed and cried.”

He proposed to her again and also presented her with another engagement ring. He told her, “I’m going to be there for you forever.”

Thank you for the juicy, pre-After the Final Rose scoop! We will be eager to watch and see if what these “snitches” are reporting is true. Once the ATFR special airs, it will likely be fairly hard to keep up with the status of their relationship, unfortunately. Rumor has it that Ben and Courtney (understandably so) are sick of all the publicity and won’t be doing any post-show media blitzes. And, although I’m sure @BenFlajnik will remain on Twitter, my guess is we’ll only be seeing tweets about his company, Envolve Wines, from here on out.

We will be on the look out for updates, though, and will try our best to stay abreast of things Ben and Courtney….because, well, we’re obsessed with The Bachelor, as well as with U.S. crisis situations, and it’s just what we do.

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