Our Julia Flajnik Pearl Necklace Predictions: Were we wrong?

Once it was clear Bachelor Season 16 villain Courtney Robertson was going to make it to the season finale, where Ben’s family (Momma Flajnik and Julia Flajnik) would get to meet his final two ladies, I was on the edge of my seat in anticipation because I, like most viewers, was SO SURE Ben’s family wouldn’t like Courtney.

And although I was torn on how his mom and sister would handle it on the actual show, I was definitely sure they wouldn’t be into her once they saw the entire season air and saw all of her antics. In fact, I made several pre-finale Pearl Necklace Predictions, which you can read here.

But – in the surprise of all surprises, Ben’s sister, Julia, seems to actually LIKE Courtney, which either means Courtney ain’t that bad, or that she’s just super, uber, crazy supportive of her brother and is trying like mad to temper the horrific backlash the pair has been getting from the media.

In fact, here are some telling snippets from Julia Flajnik’s Twitter feed:

March 19:Amazing weekend with Ben, Courtney & Garrett!” [Note: Garrett is Julia’s boyfriend.]

March 20:Delicious dinner @parktavern this past weekend. #1stdoubledate” …in which she included the following photo of the foursome:

Ok, can we pause here for just a minute to take in a few things about this photo? First, I am counting something like 9 wine/champagne glasses on the table, plus two in the hands of Julia and Garrett, so…that makes 11 glasses of alcohol total (THAT I CAN SEE). I mean…HOLLA at your weekend!! I know Ben is a “wine guy,” but holy glasses of fermented grape juice, Batman! That is some serious tasting/imbibing going on. And we all know how Courtney gets when she’s had a bit too much “juice.”

Wow. Second, I have been giggling about some of the coverage this photo has gotten on the Interwebs. The website HollywoodLife.com reports that a body language expert, who analyzed this exact photo, has decided that Courtney is more in love with Ben than he is with her.

This “expert” goes on to write: “Her [Courtney] lean says she depends on him [Ben] more. His body and face orientation say he is a bit more interested in playing for the camera. She is ‘sheltering’ with her head tilted toward and shoulder closest too him down toward him. That shows she feels he can protect her.”

It’s as if the fact that we’re following the lives of D-List celebrities means the coverage of their lives has to be D-List too. Between this body language expert and the San Francisco park-goer that reported that when Courtney was in the park walking Ben’s dog Scotch last weekend, she “wasn’t playing with the dog” (gasp!)….we all seem to be really grasping at some serious straws here.

I mean, we really need to get some meatier deets to bite in to here, people! And I am not saying we here at Ok! Here is the Situation are an exception to this criticism…. I think it’s just that Ben and Courtney are keeping things fairly low profile, so we’re all out here trying to report on the smallest of details we can get our hands on. Like: Whether or not Julia Flajnik really likes brother Ben’s new fiancee…..

Later in the day, on March 20, the folks over at the Bachelor Wetpaint fan site — whom we are not really fans of, BTW, because of their over-usage of the term “exclusive,” because they are owned by AOL, because their content is riddled with typos, and because they like to write a lot of click-bait-y headlines that are backed up by unsatisfying reporting (e.g. Headline: Is Ben Flajnik dead? You click and the answer is: No. Yep…thanks Wetpaint!) — tweeted to Julia: “@JuliaFlajnik We chatted with Courtney recently, and she says you’re practically BFFs! True statement?” To which Julia replied: “@BachelrWetpaint Absolutely! We have such a blast together!”

If Ben and Courtney and Courtney and Julia and Julia and Ben and Ben and Garrett and Garrett and Courtney and Julia and Garrett all get along, then GREAT. We are happy for everyone. But – yeah – WE ARE SURPRISED! And we will continue to report on the most miniscule of details about the Ben and Courtney relationship as things unfold because, well, honestly, we possess a mutant gene that causes us to be obsessed with The Bachelor/ette and the new season doesn’t start till May 14!

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  1. A body language expert? Heck I thought the picture said “lean in so I can get the four of you in the picture.” Sheesh! We all have pics where the outsiders are leaning in.

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