Ben Flajnik — Bio — Wiki, birthday, hometown, etc


Ben Flajnik — Bio — Wiki, birthday, hometown, etc The Bachelor season 16 (2012) UPDATED 11/21/2015 Name: Ben Flajnik Shows The Bachelor season 16 The Bachelorette season 7 Age: 33 Occupation: Co-owns Envolve Winery with his best friend Mike Benziger Birthday: September 10, 1982 Zodiac: Virgo Enneagram number: 4, The Romantic Hometown: Sonoma, CA Education:  Studied music production at the University of Arizona. Was a … Read more

Our Julia Flajnik Pearl Necklace Predictions: Were we wrong?

Once it was clear Bachelor Season 16 villain Courtney Robertson was going to make it to the season finale, where Ben’s family (Momma Flajnik and Julia Flajnik) would get to meet his final two ladies, I was on the edge of my seat in anticipation because I, like most viewers, was SO SURE Ben’s family … Read more

Pearl Necklace Predictions: ‘The Bachelor Season 16’ finale

We talk a lot about the enneagram here on Ok! Here is the Situation, because we find it to be a fun lens to view the world through in terms of deciphering people’s personalities, motives, strengths and weaknesses. And, for all enneagram personality types (or, “numbers”), it’s interesting to notice whether or not someone is … Read more