‘Bachelor Pad 3’ cast announcement is…not very exciting

After loads of speculation, ABC finally announced the official cast of Bachelor Pad 3, which premiers Monday, July 23. And, well, we are less than amped about it. Here’s the list of this summer’s “padlings”:


  • Lindzi Cox (Bachelor Season 16)
  • Blakeley Jones (Bachelor Season 16)
  • Sarah Newlon (Bachelor Season 11)
  • Jamie Otis (Bachelor Season 16)
  • Erica Rose (Bachelor Season 9)
  • Jaclyn Swartz (Bachelor Season 16)
  • Rachel Trueheart (Bachelor Season 16)


  • Michael Stagliano (Bachelorette Season 5, Bachelor Pad 2)
  • Reid Rosenthal (Bachelorette Season 5)
  • Kalon McMahon (Bachelorette Season 8 )
  • Ed Swiderski (Bachelorette Season 5)
  • Ryan Hoag (Bachelorette Season 4)
  • Nick Peterson (Bachelorette Season 7)
  • Tony Pieper (Bachelorette Season 8 )


  • Brittany and Erica Taltos (twins who will compete as one contestant)
  • Paige Vigil
  • Donna Zitelli
  • Chris Bain
  • David Mallet

I have a few things to say about this list:

1) They’re bringing back WAY too many girls that we just saw on Ben Flajnik’s season of The Bachelor. We were bored with them then, we’ll likely be bored with them now.

2) Speaking of bringing back too many contestants from Ben’s season, um, JAMIE OTIS?!?! She was the dullest of the dull to watch!

3) Why is Blakeley Shea’s name now Blakeley Jones? Why is Blakeley Shea now listed as an “Esterician” (I think ABC was trying to write “Aesthetician”) and not a VIP Cocktail Waitress? How and why was she able to change her name and her career this quickly?

4) We are VERY EXCITED that Erica Rose and her little crystal gavel will be back on the show!

5) The list of guys is definitely much more compelling than the list of girls. We are excited to see Ed, Reid, Michael Stagliano (again! more! always!) and even Kalon “Douchebag” McMahon.

6) I can’t BELIEVE out of all the guys from Emily Maynard’s season of The Bachelorette that they picked Tony Pieper to join. I can’t believe Tony Pieper WANTED to join. I mean, “Robin” is going to have to leave “Batman” again! Also, he wasn’t a very interesting character even when he was on the show. I thought The Pad was supposed to be about bringing back fan favorites and fan least favorites and former contestants that may have had post-show drama and/or hookups with!!

7) Who are Sarah Newlon and Ryan Hoag???? Apparently they were forgettable, because even though their seasons were a while ago, I think I’d remember them if they were memorable.

8 ) I am loving that ABC is calling the fresh faces on The Pad “SUPER FANS.” There’s just something so E-list reality star stalker about calling them Super Fans. I really hope they’re crazy fans that just can’t contain themselves when they meet all of the show’s former “stars.” That would be amazing!!

9) About the two twins competing, Natalie Getz wrote an interesting post about them on, indicating that they’re just these weird fame whores that are “known” for sleeping with several of the cast members of Jersey Shore. Um, interesting choice, ABC!

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