Michael Stagliano claims he was 100% single on Bachelor Pad 3

Michael Stagliano has been causing a stir amid reports that he had a girlfriend (“Emily from Chicago” aka,  according to our insider, Emily Tuchscherer) the entire time he was on the Bachelor Pad. Immediately after getting the boot from the show he got back together with Emily and is now moving closer to her or vice versa.

Our insider (and we really do love an insider because we are a tiny blog without AOL resources or NSA wiretaps to rely on) Stephie C. claimed she was contacted by a friend of Emily’s about the situation.

“His girlfriend is Emily Cahill (later we learned Tuchscherer) who goes by @emilytuch on Twitter. They got together right before Bach Pad started filming and got back as soon as Michael went home. I think he’s awful! How could his girlfriend, named Emily Cahill, @emilytuch on Twitter, watch him kiss and get intimate with Rachel on tv and take him back once he got sent home? They were seeing each other right before Bach Pad started filming and only broke up so he could go on the show and promote his music. He then leads Rachel on and writes on his blog that he “made out” with three women?”

When we inquired about how sure she was that this Emily Tuchscherer was the girl she replied:

“1000% sure. Poor sap has more than admitted to it himself. I have proof he’s lying. Someone close to her contacted me.”

So it’s interesting that Michael is trying to defend himself in the media on Twitter (where all situations are handled) when all signs point to the fact that he is guilty:

“In response to @RealitySteve. He has a talent for being inaccurate,” Michael tweeted. “I was 100% single before and during the show. Didn’t break up anyone.”

Here is the quote from Reality Steve (caution if you click there are spoilers about who wins) which appears to support what our source is saying…

“Michael was seeing a girl named Emily from Chicago that he met during one of his touring shows before filming started, I guess broke it off right before leaving to film (assuming so he could hook up on the show), then they started back up right when filming was over…Although I do hear it’s pretty serious between Michael and this Emily girl and either she’s gonna move to LA, or he’s moving back to Chicago. But lets face it, the Michael we saw on “Bachelor Pad” was definitely not being 100% honest with Rachel. He knows he had someone else he was more interested in the whole time.”

Hmmmmmmm, not sure I buy Stags “100% single story”….We are also really curious as to why this mysterious Emily Tuchscherer was so quick to take him back. Stag is probably doing serious damage control now that he sees how hard he led Rachel on. Rumor has it Rachel will confront him on the finale.

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