Desiree Hartsock episode 2 discovers if her dudes are on for All the Right Reasons

Last week we got intro’s to all of Dez’ dudes and tonight on Episode 2 of The Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock investigates whether or not her bevy of gorgeous guys are on the show for All the Right Reasons (as if anyone would ever go on this show for any other reason than to find love in 9 weeks!….especially after the cast had been stocked full of male models.)

Brooks Forester BacheloretteTonight we got to meet amazing guy Brooks Forester, 28. Desiree took this dashing 6’2″, Salt Lake City dude and part-time model/ Mormon on the first 1-on-1 date.

She picks Brooks up in her new Cin-Dez-rella baby blue Bentley compliments of ABC. Of course ABC had to work the wedding theme for bridal stylist Desiree Hartsock. The two cruised Hollywood Blvd dressed as a bride and groom,  fed each other cupcakes, and took questions from the fans standing around (lately they have had the contestants do some PR for them). Afterwards, they headed up the Hollywood sign and they get a private concert from R&B performer Andy Grammer. Another impromtu totally unscheduled concert on a 1-on-1!! This is why The Bachelor is amazing!

Brooks passes the “All the Right Reasons” test and got a rose.


Next up: Group date: We get to see the making of the amazing/adorable Soulja Boy video where Dez and her dudes rap about whether they are all their for “All the Right Reasons” (a brilliant thing to rap about on this show).  Single dad Ben Scott gets the group date rose (good I hope we get another cameo by son Brody Scott).


Next up is another 1-on-1 date: Bryden Vukasin who, I will give you a hint, is not here for all the right reasons. The two hit the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa where Desiree has to request a kiss from the guy (probably because he is thinking of someone else).

Ben Scott becomes quite a situation around the mansion. The guys gang up against Ben contending he is not there for all the right reasons. They say Ben just talks about how the show can help his career as a bar owner and they claim they have heard virtually nothing about his son Brody.

Mike Garofola, 32, decides he needs to issue a big reveal about being diabetic. Ben busts up the tender moment despite the fact that he is “safe”. The other guys band together to admonish Ben for his lack of good sportsmanship. (You can see some really good bromances are beginning to brew here).

Bryden gets a rose. Situation alert!!! Situation coming soon!


Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Will Smith, Robert Graham, and Nick Mucci.


Brooks Forester’s Dad Was A DEA & CIA Informant!


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