Kristen Doute 2014: Bio, Photos, Twitter

Kristen Doute Bio — Wiki

Age: “In my 20’s” (looks like she is 31 as of 2014)

Birthday: February 19, 1983

Occupation: LA Profession Model/Actress

Hometown: Dearborn, Michigan

Height: 5′ 9″

UPDATED 10/01/2015:

Ex boyfriends: Tom Sandoval, James Kennedy

Boyfriend: Brian Carter

Twitter: @kristen doute

Salary: $3,000 an episode in season 2, $5,000 in season 3 (Although boss Lisa Vanderpump strongly refutes these numbers, saying the main cast makes ‘way more’.

Acting/media career:

    -Best Feature Domestic & International, Uptown Film Festival 2012
    -Best Feature Film, Canada International Film Festival 2011
    -Special Jury Prize, Las Vegas Film Festival 2011

“I did background work in He’s Just Not That Into You, and Yes Man.

Both Tom and Kristen appear in the 2012 movie 23 Minutes to Sunrise with Eric Roberts. Check out their acting chops.

Kristen Doute works at Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurants SUR and Villa Blanca, and was cast on the series Vanderpump Rules in 2013.

Doute comes from Dearborn, Michigan and has lived in Los Angeles for 6 years. She has worked at SUR for 6 years. She graduated from Edsel Ford High School in 2001.

This season Kristen plays a much more prominent role in the Bravo series.

Who has Kristen Doute dated?

Source: Bravo
Source: Bravo

She has been dating her boyfriend Tom Sandoval for 5 years. Her and boyfriend/roommate Tom serve up serious drama at SUR.

“Anyone who’s ever worked in service industry knows — for lack of a better term — that most of the relationships are incestuous,” she says. “We’re with each other all of the time. These are all mine and Tom’s best friends and the fights at work follow us home. The drama never goes away.

“We have twice as many episodes this season, so in the first season, there really was only one main story line about Jax (Taylor) and Stassi (Schroeder)’s breakup,” says Doute, who has lived in California for six years. “Now there are more episodes and you get to know everyone more intimately, specifically Tom and I — maybe even more than I had hoped.”

This season a new server Ariana Madix hits the Vanderpump Rules scene. She apparently has some sort of history with bartender and Kristen’s boyfriend Tom Sandoval, although it’s still unclear whether the two have slept together. But if you believe Jax Taylor they have.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

Situation CONFIRMED: Jax Taylor DID sleep with Kristen Doute

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  1. Actually she has been working at SUR since at least 2009. She & Tom are both featured in SUR photos that are posted on Facebook as far back as 2009. So unless they are time travelers…..

    • you are right…hang on. Im trying to figure out where I got the 2 1/2 year number. I got it researching her film background. But yeah shes been there at least 5 years….thanks


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