Does Jax Taylor feel remorse for betraying Tom Sandoval?

Jax Taylor shocked everyone this season of Vanderpump Rules committing the ultimate betrayal. He slept with good friend Tom Sandoval‘s girlfriend Kristen Doute…..TWICE/ AND insisted that he felt nothing.

In fact Lisa Vanderpump warned us that what Jax does this season is even worse than what he did to Stassi last season…and she was right.

Since Jax slept with Kristen Doute he has been blasted by friends and fans alike. So now that some time has passed since the big confession and fallout has Jax changed?

Not exactly. Here is what our show insider told us:

Jax, well he is still that bad boy and he still lies. He posted a picture of him supposedly going back to school at Cal State. That is a lie. He was supposed to go to Vegas to live for a while– that was a lie and he is still cheating. I hope that he changes his ways. He is actually a really nice person who is fun to be around and really cares about his closest friends. He doesn’t have much family guidance and he needs to mature a little. I think that bad press lately has taken him down a path of introspection and he is actually embarrassed. Jax is going to have a hard time being in a committed relationship.


Well Jax is now in a committed relationship with girlfriend Carmen Dickman and we will see if he has changed. Interesting insight about Jax’ family. I would imagine he has not had a very supportive family by his somewhat sociopathic behavior. Hopefully he will learn from this experience so he can eventually have the love and support he is looking for.

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4 thoughts on “Does Jax Taylor feel remorse for betraying Tom Sandoval?”

  1. It’s amazing that we sit here reading about Kristen being permanently damaged, but can stay optimistic about Jax and wish him the love and support he is looking for. Why are we more hopeful for Jax (who shows absolutely no emotion) than Kristen (who has severe difficulty regulating hers)?

    • Look if Kristen was abused as a kid that’s a big deal. The wounds are very very deep and it does affect the development of the brain. If the brain stopped developing as a result of the abuse its not like it can suddenly kick into gear and start. This is so so so common. So many kids are abused and our brains protect us from that by shutting down. Its not their fault. I mean I hope I am wrong in my unprofessional assessment but everything I have read suggests it cant be “fixed”, it can only be managed.


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