Will Kristen Doute get Annemarie Kunkel to confront Tom Sandoval on cheating?

So it looks like Vanderpump Rules star Kristen Doute is not done with ex-boyfriend Tom Sandoval despite their attempt at a truce Monday in Miami. The two shared a tearful discussion about their relationship in an effort to get closure. But I think the conversation may have back-fired on Tom because it looks like Kristen has plans to bring NYC receptionist Annemarie Kunkel to LA to confront Tom (while he is bartending of course).

Annemarie Kunkel

Monday she hinted at the idea.

Kunkel claimed that Tom told her he had taken ‘Molly’ that night and that her and Sandoval ended up back at the boy’s hotel room where they had sex.

Kristen recently revealed that she did not find out about ‘Miami girl’ (Annemarie Kunkel) from Instagram, but learned about the indiscretion from Jax. She then reached out to her on social media.

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