Carmen Dickman replacing Stassi Schroeder in season 3 of VP Rules

We just received an email from our Vanderpump Rules insider regarding Bravo scrambling to find a replacement for Stassi Schroeder. They are clearly in a panic since Stassi was the glue that held this hot mess together.

She contends that the show is working hard to replace Stassi with Carmen Dickman in an effort to create a story line for season 3 and that Jax Taylor was pressured to come up with a replacement for his ex and that this is the reason that Carmen is suddenly so tight with the SUR gang and why they are posting photos all over social media.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

‘Well..funny how quick things change. So Stassi drops this bombshell at the reunion that she is moving to New York and after the reunion taping realizes that she no longer wants to be on the show. So Lisa Vanderpump and Jax’s agent are scrambling, because they realize that Stassi was a major part of the story line.’

I suspect Bravo tried REALLY hard to persuade Stassi to stay on at SUR and not move to NYC. Damn you Patrick Meagher!!!

‘Lisa and Jax’s agent sit Jax down and stress to him that they need to find a replacement for Stassi and that he better have an interesting love story if there is going to be a season three.’

The source continues:

‘So he finds a girl that looks like Stassi and acts somewhat like her and have it..a replacement. Didn’t you think it was odd how fast he introduced her to the media and to his Sur family, well he knows he has to develop this storyline quickly. Jax can be a pretty private person when it comes to his women so now all of a sudden he is pressing her to the media. All a ploy to get a storyline.’

The source contends that Jax was dating and pretty serious about another girl in Vegas, Tiffany Matthews, when he abruptly changed gears and started presenting Carmen to the public through social media.

‘The reunion was filmed on a Friday and he had things with Carmen up and running in a week. He was planning on going back to Vegas that following week to see Tiffany until he realized that his job with the show was on the line. They are also hanging out at SUR a lot trying to let the relationship rumors gain traction. All a master plan to keep the show running. Lisa is smart. Jax’s agent told him that him that he needed to clean up his image and encouraged him to find someone quickly who could fit the role.’

Last Monday Brandi appeared on WWHL where she complained that Vanderpump Rules is “scripted”.

I do think the relationships were real — at least the relationship between Jax and Stassi and Kristen and Tom, but I would not doubt that there is some serious choreography happening behind the scenes.

UPDATE: 3/23/2014: Jax Taylor and Carmen Dickman have broken up!

I do think it is interesting that Carmen is suddenly hanging out with the SUR gang and photos are being posted all over social media. Lisa is VERY smart….genius I’d say. Let’s hope that Jax and Carmen can generate some genuine buzz and real chemistry because this season of Vanderpump Rules exploded in the ratings even beating out Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and we need a season 3!  Related articles

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