Is Jax Taylor a sex addict?

Jax Taylor is a bit of a situation with the ladies. And apparently the ladies love Jax. He recently admitted that he may have an addiction to sex.
Last season he served up some drama with his very tumultuous, on-again-off-again relationship with girlfriend Stassi Schroeder. This season he pined for Stassi and did everything possible to win her back–unsuccessfully.
He  admits to having over a hundred sexual partners (actually 300 plus) and losing his virginity at 19.


Courtney from Ben Flajnik's season of 'The Bachelor'
Courtney ~ Age: 28 ~ Model

We know he dated and slept with Bachelor siren Courtney Robertson. Jax has also had sex with Shahs of Sunset star Golnesa “GG”. Jax confessed last season to cheating on Stassi in Vegas. We  also know he had sexual relations with Laura Leigh on the bathroom floor of SUR!!!! I am so worried about the sanitary aspects of this situation.

He also confessed to sleeping with Kristen Doute TWICE!–not using a condom once.

Jax has also bragged to Stassi about hooking up with 21 year olds!

“It’s just basic etiquette between two exes,” Stassi claims. “You don’t discuss who you’re dating or hooking up with in front of each other! This is my worst freaking nightmare. I have Jax bragging about how he’s banging 21-year-olds!”

In fact one insider emailed us some info and it sounds like a certain Tiffany Matthews fell hard for Mr. Jax and also got Jaxed.
‘Yes Tiffany was done wrong. She knew going into it that he was a mess, but you can’t help who your heart likes. Jax has a thing about always having a girlfriend around the holidays, he did the same thing last year to Isabel Arujo.’
Jax Taylor new girlfriend Carmen Dickman
Source: twitter

There is also a lot of chatter on Twitter from some angry ladies who also may have been “Jaxed”….

Love you Mr. Jax, even if you are a sex addict. So I’d say stay tuned for more on this. Now that word is getting out that Jax has a new girlfriend Carmen Dickman, a lot of ladies will likely come out swinging…

UPDATE 12/15/2015: James Kennedy accuses Jax Taylor of having herpes.

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