Scot Young’s ex wife Michelle Young awarded £ 20 million in divorce settlement

On Bravo’s new series Ladies of London we are introduced to 30-year-old social climber Noelle Reno and her controversial and rather nefarious boyfriend Scot Young, 51. Scot has been involved in a brutal divorce from wife Michelle Young, 49 for 8 years. The ongoing divorce becomes a focal point of the show.

The show begins as Scot is released from prison after blatantly refusing to disclose his financial information. The filming continues while Young is going through this difficult situation.

But filming ended months ago and the divorce has reached a settlement.

Two years ago Young, 51, was ordered two years ago to pay his ex-wife Michelle Young £27,500 a month to pay rent and school fees for their two daughters.

But Scot failed to follow the order and was sentenced to prison for 6 months. And this is where the show begins.

Michelle claims that he is hiding as much as £2 billion offshore and she has fought tooth and nail in the courts to get her part of his fortune.

But a judge recently awarded her a paltry 20 million pounds. The judge conceded: “I realize Mrs Young will have difficulty enforcing this order” according to the UK Telegraph.

She claims that she will have to “borrow heavily” against her award to fund an “asset recovery mission”.

Scot made his fortune as a “fixer” for British businessmen and Russian oligarchs.

What is a “fixer”? It’s a person who uses his influence or makes arrangements for someone involved in a situation, usually using improper or illegal means.

So don’t feel too sorry for this guy. His wealth was never really legit to begin with.

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UPDATE: 12/10/2014 Ladies of London star Scot Young dead after tragic fall

Scot Young said he was worried someone was going to try to kill him.

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