The Robert Graham gay rumors after the Fantasy Suite catastrophe

Tonight was the Bachelor in Paradise finale and the big situation was not the engagement of Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul, but the Fantasy Suite catastrophe of couple Robert Graham and Sarah Herron which had people on Twitter wondering about whether Robert was gay or not.robert-gay

The 31-year-old entrepreneur seemed obsessed with contestant 27-year-old Junior Art Director  Sarah Herron but when it came time to consummate the love and forgo their individual rooms and stay as a couple in the Fantasy Suite Robert flailed badly.

Sarah was thrilled to get Robert in the Fantasy Suite —“Tonight is this perfect opportunity [for Robert] to get to know me in every way possible,” Sarah proclaims in her ITM. “I hope he goes there. I hope he digs deep.”

Well, needless to say…he did not “go deep”.

Sarah contends that he slept in his jeans and pushed Sarah’s hand away when she tried to unbutton them and that he went straight to bed! Now I understand taking things slow and or being tired but when you are super hot for someone you at least enjoy a little skin to skin contact no matter how tired you are!

Robert looked super uncomfortable and a tad built guilty the day after…like he’d been caught. He was not acting like a guy who was head over heels in love and just taking it slow.

So naturally I looked for some evidence of past girlfriends and interestingly I found this interview in Glamour magazine which makes the gay rumor even more believable.

“Glamour: Let’s jump right into this: Unless you met the girl of your dreams on Bachelor in Paradise, why do you think The One has eluded you?

“Robert Graham: I had one really long-term relationship when I got out of college, and we were living together, but just like Graham, I was all over the place. That’s not really an excuse, but I wasn’t ready to get married. She wanted to take the next step, but I just wasn’t there yet, so we ended up breaking up. That was very difficult for me. It took me a while to get over that. So the next person I’m with is going to be the person I’m going to marry; I just haven’t been able to find that person or feel that way yet.”

ONE long-term relationship at 31? I know a lot of guys are commitment-phobes but how bout in college? Nuthin? It could be nothing, but after his behavior with Sarah I would not eliminate this possibility. Of course it may have been the classic “he’s just not that into you”…which makes him even more of douchebag for leading her on and keeping her away from other suitors.

Here’s the situation…if a single guy has the chance to sleep with an attractive girl and he does not even touch the girl he may be gay. This situation reminds me of one of my first boyfriends who could never consummate the relationship. I always thought it was his Catholic guilt until years later I found out he was 100% gay!!! (Note: if a guy locks his bedroom door while he is playing “chess” with his best-friend…he’s gay).

Maybe he and Brooks could have found love!

Here is what Chris Harrison had to say about the situation

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7 thoughts on “The Robert Graham gay rumors after the Fantasy Suite catastrophe”

  1. I don’t think Robert is gay. Like the other commenter, I also think, “He’s just not that into her.” If you saw how his interest level was with Lacy in the beginning, and how he would stare at her bod, you could tell he was super into Lacy– he was touchy feely with her, too. Him not wanting to hook up with a new woman (this is not someone he’s been intimate with before), is a bad sign– men are biologically wired differently than women, and I’ve never experienced that– in fact I have hoped they would be less “gropey,” if you will. He was also super bummed about Lacy going for Marcus, and even felt the need to talk to her about it (in a deleted scene). After he couldn’t get Lacy, Sarah was a second choice for him. I never saw the same eagerness with Sarah. There are studies that show that some men, when they see a more beautiful girl (in this instance, Lacy), it lowers their interest in an otherwise attractive girl. I think Sarah may have had a better shot, had Lacy not been there.

    I think it is great Sarah went with her gut– she deserves a guy who is into her, and Robert seemed so-so about her.

    • you could be right. I just don’t think its option 3…that he was just taking it “slow”. That one Im not buyin’. It was either “gay” or “he’s just not that in to you”, but I thought his dating history was interesting. Only 1 gf. He reminds me a lot of my first gay boyfriend. even looks like him. I was CLUELESS! but looking back should have figured it out.

      It was weird watching Robert the next day. he looked guilty like he’d been caught. see I think he was playin it like Bachelor Pad thinking there had to be a pot of gold if he stayed in the game, then he woke up and realized everyone else was actually in love and realized he was wrong.

      I just think no matter how tired he was he would have been all into spooning and cuddling all night if nothing else. So somethin’ was up and if he was just playing her to win then he’s a d-bag. she deserves better than that.

      • I think you hit the nail on the head with your theory about the “pot of gold at the end of the rainbow”! That didn’t even occur to me, because I’ve never seen Bachelor Pad. But that theory puts everything in perspective, because it explains his sexual interest in Lacy, yet nonchalance toward Sarah in the bedroom; it explains his sudden possessiveness toward Sarah when Brooks showed interest; and his not trying to fight the break-up at the end. It all makes sense with that theory. He was just trying to make it all the way to the end, and Sarah was his ticket. He was hoping for a twist at the end, but there was none! That’s why Chris Harrison said he liked that the twist was there was no twist, because it forced people to be sincere. Great insight, Christine!

  2. I thought the whole time that Robert wasn’t really feeling it, but was playing along for whatever reason. Did someone encourage him to do that? Did he think there was a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? Was he just being kind? There just was something off and in the end he couldn’t force something that he didn’t feel. I think she is now saying “she jumped to conclusions” in the hope that he will contact her and and give it another chance. But that’s not going to happen. She really did not end it with him, he ended it with her in a passive-agressive move by going to bed with his jeans on. I think it’s pretty clear what happened. And I don’t think he is gay.


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