Becca Tilley dating Bachelor alum Robert Graham

Yet another amusing Bachelor alumni story—– Bachelor virgin Becca Tilley, 28 (Chris Soules season) is now dating Bachelorette alum Robert Graham, 32 (Desiree Hartsock’s season). Tilley was one of a handful of Bachelor contestants who proudly declared that she was saving herself for marriage. Cut to Robert Graham…who I am pretty certain is gay, and if you are … Read more

Sarah Herron speaks on her relationship with Robert Graham

The Bachelor in Paradise finale was shocking–and the most shocking moment was not the engagement of Marcus and Lacy but the break-up of 31-year-old Robert Graham and 27-year-old Sarah Herron after a disastrous Fantasy Suite episode. Robert appeared to be falling for the Junior Art Director even claiming dibs on her to new arrival Brooks Forester. So … Read more

The Robert Graham Sarah Herron Fantasy Suite situation

The big shocker tonight on the Bachelor in Paradise finale was the Robert Graham Sarah Herron Fantasy Suite situation. In short it was shocking and disconcerting. Robert appeared to be smitten with the 27-year-old Junior Art Director Sarah Herron who incidentally lives 10 minutes away from Robert in Los Angeles and was aggressively pursuing her. He … Read more

The Robert Graham gay rumors after the Fantasy Suite catastrophe

Tonight was the Bachelor in Paradise finale and the big situation was not the engagement of Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul, but the Fantasy Suite catastrophe of couple Robert Graham and Sarah Herron which had people on Twitter wondering about whether Robert was gay or not. The 31-year-old entrepreneur seemed obsessed with contestant 27-year-old Junior Art … Read more

Was Robert Graham gay or just pretending to like Sarah Herron for cameras?

Bachelor in Paradise contestant, 31-year-old entrepreneur Robert Graham seemed obsessed with 27-year-old Junior Art Director  Sarah Herron for the last few episodes of Bachelor in Paradise. He even seriously cock-blocked Brooks Forester and kept him from asking Sarah out. And Sarah even confessed that she had actually come on the show to meet Brooks. But Sarah decided to … Read more