Why is Jax Taylor breaking up with girlfriend Carmen Dickman in new clip?

So in this clip we see Mr Jax Taylor breaking up with girlfriend Carmen Dickman citing his concerns about “summer” but in reality we know it was because he was getting back together with girl number 2 Tiffany Matthews.

Jax says to Carmen “I dont want to hold you back.”

Carmen claims “you told me you wanted to have my babies like a day ago”.

Carmen also claims that Jax tattooed her name on his arm! Oh no! Didn’t Jax learn!? Does he ever learn?

Carmen is obviously way too good for Jax. She lays it down like a professional in this video.

When was this break-up video filmed? Its hard to know because the two have broken up multiple times! The first time was in March, but since he cites summer this may be the May break-up. This is the time when Jax was going back and forth to Las Vegas.

So obviously the 2 girls did NOT know about each other and Tiffany laid the smack down forcing him to make a choice. Carmen clearly does not know this is the reason for the break-up.

Here is the flow chart of the Jax, Carmen and Tiffany love triangle. And it looks like neither of “the 2 girls” are happy with Mr. Jax right now and that he is back to his old ways.


UPDATE: 3/23/2014: Jax Taylor and Carmen Dickman have broken up!

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Why did Carmen Dickman and Jax Taylor break up?

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