Why did Jax Taylor and Carmen Dickman break-up?

Why did Jax Taylor and Carmen Dickman break-up? Which time? Ha! All joking aside, yes the two have broken up and gotten back together multiple times. Here is a timeline in case you need a refresher. But the two supposedly OFFICIALLY broke up a few weeks ago and it was not because of other girlfriend … Read more

What happened in San Diego with Jax Taylor and the girl in the bathroom?

Jax Taylor is well known for his compulsive behavior and wild sex antics. Jax also admits to being a sex addict so no one should be shocked by the previews for next week’s episode of Vanderpump Rules titled What Happens in San Diego …, where Jax allegedly gets drunk and has sex with a girl … Read more

Vanderpump Rules Insider claims ‘there is much more to the Carmen & Tiffany story’

EXCLUSIVE! It’s really hard to know what the truth is with 35-year-old Vanderpump Rules star Jax Taylor since Jax has been known to be less than honest with women. This season he is torn between two women that he really likes Carmen Dickman and Tiffany Matthews. He claims that this time he is being ‘honest’ with … Read more

Jax Taylor cheated on girlfriend Tiffany Matthews with San Diego girl

Bartender Jax Taylor can not seem to stay out of trouble on Vanderpump Rules. He is already in trouble for juggling two girlfriends simultaneously. He finally broke up with one, Carmen Dickman and chose Tiffany Matthews (at least he claims this is what was happening). But a few weeks later he and Tiffany began having … Read more

Jax Taylor still claiming that he did not lie to Tiffany or Carmen about each other

On the premiere of Vanderpump Rules season 3 Jax Taylor claimed that the 2 girls he was dating knew all about each other and that he did not lie. The claim was laughable especially to both girls, Tiffany Matthews and Carmen Dickman. So I was shocked to see that 6 months later he is still … Read more

Jax Taylor’s new ‘situation’ Carmen & Tiffany….’both girls know about each other’? Really?


On the premiere of Vanderpump Rules season 3 Jax Taylor claims that he has gotten himself into a bit of a ‘situation’—2 girls. He also claims that he ‘doesn’t know how he gets into these situations’ a-hem and that the 2 girls ‘both know about each other’ and that there is ‘no lying or deceiving’! … Read more

Vanderpump Rules season 3 premiere recap

Bravo’s break-out hit Vanderpump Rules premiered it’s 3rd season tonight episode 1 “Instafight” and they did not waste anytime getting the situations started. I have to admit I was worried about this season since it seemed like everything had played out in season 2. I was worried the season would feel produced and scripted. But … Read more

What 2 girls is Jax Taylor dating on Vanderpump Rules season 3?

Season 3 of Vanderpump Rules is set to air on Monday, November 3 on Bravo and the show has been premiering some rather intriguing previews. One preview show Mr. Jax Taylor talking about how it’s not a “good idea to be dating two women”. The clip shows a blonde and a brunette. So if you have … Read more

Who is Jax Taylor’s girlfriend Tiffany Matthews?

Who is Jax Taylor’s girlfriend Tiffany Matthews? So we have known that Jax Taylor the 34 year-old actor/model on Vanderpump Rules apparently had a mysterious girlfriend while season 2 of the show was being taped last year and that he has been involved in an epic love triangle for about a year now. In fact, … Read more

Jax Taylor out with new girl post Carmen Dickman break up

It’s hard to keep up with Jax Taylor and the cornucopia of situations he keeps creating (off-camera Damn it!). We just reported about a sex and drug binge in Miami with friend Tom Sandoval and now he is in Miami with a new lady — one we have talked about before. Her name is Tiffany … Read more