Jax Taylor’s gay boyfriend revealed?

It looks like Jax Taylor’s gay boyfriend has finally been revealed!

So tonight a big shoe dropped on Vanderpump Rules with Jax Taylor in Miami and I think everyone put two and two together and realized that Jax had a bit of a sugar daddy in Miami—an older gentleman named John Walters who was very very fond of Mr. Jax …. returns.

Tom Sandoval tells Ariana as they are driving to a restaurant: “John is a ‘concierge’ for a lot of wealthy people. Funny thing is that when Jax left Miami there were rumors about him and John hooking up.”

“Very quickly after these rumors came out Jason packed up his bags and became Jax.”

Ariana says:

“At this point I’d believe that Jax would sleep with anything, I mean he slept with Kristen.” — ummm so did your boyfriend Ariana!

Jax says that “I haven’t spoken to John in 10 yrs. Last time I saw him we got in a huge fight and I haven’t spoken to him since.”

Jax explains that John was a model scout and his, ‘first roommate in Miami’. “He had a house and I stayed in his room.” WHOAH!!! Jax also reveals that he had a some nude photos done by John. jax-taylor-boyfriend

Later we see Jax and John talking. John hugs Jax and says “I love you because I’m over you”. Jax says…”That was my 1st time ever” aka the evidence is mounting and I do mean ‘mounting’. Jax tells him “you made my life”. Then in his ITM he says “I was a younger model hanging out with an older gay guy….people are gonna talk.”

They SURE are! Especially when you are sharing a bedroom!

Hmmmmm, the plot thickens…a break-up?

Jax just posted this photo of the two of them with the caption:

“Still standing friends after all these years!! #loveyaman #pumprules #miami blessed to have a friend like you !!”

I think the “friend” part should be in quotes, but we all know.

This must be what Tom Sandoval meant when he claimed that there were rumors about Jax in Miami.

Tom and Jax modeled together in Miami years ago so if anyone knew about this ‘arrangement’ Tom did.

On an episode of WWHL last year Sandoval called in and said…..

“didn’t that ever cross your mind when you were throwing me under the bus? I’m curious as to if you want to answer that. Why did you move from Miami to L.A. and change your name from Jason to Jax?” Jax’ real name is Jason Cauchi.

Jax is not close at all with his family and in fact an insider told us that they are a bit embarrassed by his behavior. Maybe this is why?

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