Juelia Kinney talks about her previous husband Dustin Kinney’s suicide on The Bachelor

Tonight Bachelor contestant Juelia Kinney talked about her previous husband Dustin Kinney and father of her daughter Ireland and how he committed suicide in 2013 by allegedly shooting himself.

She said:

“I have been so hurt and abandoned, but for some reason I am ready to go again.”

She told the girls that she knew he was struggling but that she did not fully understand how bad. Dustin and Juelia were married in October of 2010.

Dustin graduated with honors from Point Loma Nazarene University with a bachelor’s degree in International Development and a focus on economics, marketing and business management.

So this is interesting because I had just discovered “The San Diego Foundation” after researching the money trail for a lot of really bizarre new projects here in San Diego. The Foundation itself manages over 590 million dollars in “donations”. Long story short the non-profit is part of ICLEI which is UN Agenda 21 Sustainable Development here in SD.

So Dustin Kinney was appointed the new Director of Charitable Giving after more than six years with Sleep Train Inc. recently, which is quite an amazing promotion. The suicide occurred just months after taking the new job. I guess what I am wondering is if he felt disillusioned when he took the job and realized the organization was less about charity and more about allocating money to special interests?

Dustin also co-founded a non-profit called the Road of Resistance, dedicated to raising awareness about the civil war in Myanmar, formerly known as Burma.

Dustin left behind his sister Kristin French and mother Nancy Kerry.

UPDATE 8/8/15: Joe Bailey reveals that he is using Juelia Kinney to get to Samantha Steffen

How many Bachelor contestants have died?

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6 thoughts on “Juelia Kinney talks about her previous husband Dustin Kinney’s suicide on The Bachelor”

  1. Dustin struggled with mental illness for many years. He was previously married and divorced after a tumultuous and destructive year with his ex wife, he ended up in a mental hospital during that time period as well. It did not have anything to do with the new job.

    • Im just guessing the new job did not help. The SD Foundation is suspicious as hell w/ over half a billion dollars from anonymous donors and lots apparently offshore. It would have crushed my faith in humanity for sure.

    • Wow someone loses a loved one yes I have my 35 year old daughter glioblastoma thankfully I’m RN so able to care with more than love actually part of me.
      For you to gossip about a heart that hurts you physically feel it,your lost angry and there’s i call empty vessels who take time to degrade.why don’t you get a hobby your soulless


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