Josh Murray is out, Ben Higgins is in for Bachelor 2016!

Ben Higgins will be the next Bachelor!

It’s official Josh Murray is out and Ben Higgins is in for Bachelor 2016I guess ABC decided they needed another G-rated Bachelor season circa Sean Lowe after Kaitlyn Bristowe’s scandalous sexcapades. They have officially chosen 27-year-old Denver Software Sales Rep Ben Higgins to lead the 2016 season.

Ben has a tattoo that says:

“Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.”

So praise the Lord, he has established plans for Ben H. to be the next Bachelor.

I’m a little shocked after it seemed that ABC was focusing on 30-year-old Josh Murray, but looks like they have changed their minds and think Ben can attract a bigger audience. The very handsome, very Christian, very tall (6′-5″) Bachelorette contestant was booted last night by Kaitlyn Bristowe in Ireland after Fantasy Suites, but before she met his parents.

As we now know he is not a virgin or a born-again virgin like Sean Lowe was, he is just very clean-cut. 

This is pretty interesting in light of the fact that his ex-girlfriend Shaelin Jaid Adams suggested that he was on The Bachelorette as a “rebound” to get over her.

Ben will get a chance to confront Kaitlyn next week on the Men Tell All !

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