The Ben Higgins tattoo snafu

Ben Higgins tattoo has taken on a life of it’s own this season. Little did we know how interested people would be in knowing what Ben’s torso tattoo said when we first wrote about it last year. But as soon as Ben finally took off his shirt fans could see he had a series of … Read more

Ben Higgins shirtless pics

We had to wait a while to make an homage to Ben Higgins shirtless because there was so little material out there! Usually there is a surplus of sexy shirtless shots of the latest Bachelor, but not this season. Squeaky clean Ben keeps his shirt on. The 26-year-old software sales rep from Denver, Colorado is 6′ … Read more

Ben Higgins cast will be very Christian

Filming for Ben Higgins season of The Bachelor 2016 officially begins on September 24th, 2015 at the Bachelor mansion in LA, but the ladies arrive in LA today. The driveway is being hosed as we speak and the landing gears are touching down and we are anxiously awaiting a cast list, but word from some show insiders … Read more

Josh Murray is out, Ben Higgins is in for Bachelor 2016!

Ben Higgins will be the next Bachelor! It’s official Josh Murray is out and Ben Higgins is in for Bachelor 2016. I guess ABC decided they needed another G-rated Bachelor season circa Sean Lowe after Kaitlyn Bristowe’s scandalous sexcapades. They have officially chosen 27-year-old Denver Software Sales Rep Ben Higgins to lead the 2016 season. Ben has a tattoo … Read more

Bachelorette 2015 contestant Ben Higgins religion and tattoo


Bachelorette 2015 contestant Ben Higgins, 26, the very handsome, very Christian young man from Denver, Colorado has come to the Bachelorette mansion to pursue the heart of bad girl Kaitlyn Bristowe. From my extensive research into Kaitlyn’s exes I believe she likes her men a little rough around the edges, thus a tattoo may give … Read more