Chris Harrison on Bachelor Ben Higgins Fantasy Suites and final two

Tonight 26-year-old Bachelor Ben Higgins takes his final three women CailaJoJo and Lauren B. to Jamaica and to the Fantasy Suites and shockingly has sex with all three of them! Normally that is not “shocking”, but given Ben’s serious anxiety issues feeling “unlovable” because he is not a virgin, it’s surprising.

Anyhow, Ben is taking this process S_E_R_I_O_U_S_L_Y and he eliminates one amazing lady tonight narrowing his choices from three to two. And deciding between the final two will literally tear Ben apart. magazine spoke to show host Chris Harrison and got some very interesting details about the final two.

When asked about his reaction to Ben telling two women he loved them he said,

“Honestly, I was a little bit shocked at how it all transpired. He has done such a good job and is still doing a really good job of compartmentalizing, which you have to do, and this sounds weird, in dating. You have to live in the moment and live in that relationship. When you’re with Caila, or JoJo, or Lauren, you have to concentrate and make sure they are the only one that is on your mind.”

“He did such a good job of that. Maybe too good of a job. He just got to that point where he felt that emotion for two women. I wasn’t even sure if he was conscious of the fact that he did it until later. We talked to him about the fact that he told two women that he loved them and he stopped. I think he felt it in the moment, said it and believed it. It was very interesting to see how it all transpired. I was a little bit shocked that he really did get there with two women.”

Thankfully Chris goes on to say Ben’s declarations of love were caught on camera.

“It was a caught-on-camera moment full of feeling and emotion. If he had asked my opinion, I would have told him it would create problems down the road. He just let himself go in that moment, which is a special, wonderful thing. One of the things I love about this show is it just shows you those raw, real moments. That is what that was. He did a great job. He narrowed it down to three phenomenal women he cares for.”

In the episode Ben even claims “I wish I had someone to talk to who could guide me through this”!

WHAAAAAAAT? That is what Chris Harrison is there for!!!

The question is why didn’t Ben go to Chris for some arm chair therapy prior to making 2 consecutive declarations of love to two separate women?

Tonight ended with Ben letting 23-year-old Caila go and telling her that he was in love with the other two women. Then it also ends in the world’s most awkward 3-way hug between Ben’s two finalists Jojo Fletcher, Ben and Lauren Bushnell–a sign of the epic awkwardness to come when The Bachelor season 20 finale airs on March 14th, 2016 on ABC.

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