Vanderpump Rules season 4 reunion kicks off

Vanderpump Rules season 4 Reunion part 1 Recap

Tonight part one of the Vanderpump Rules season 4 reunion aired. The season has been interesting to say the least. I have to say, season 4 didn’t feel quite as authentic as season 1 and 2, but it certainly had it’s moments.

33-year-old Kristen Doute is now hanging on the fringes with pal Stassi Schroeder, 27 as the core crew has marginalized a few of their founding members.

So this season was a season of hazing and self-protection I’d say. The crew hazes OG stars Kristen and Stassi–more like hunkers down and puts up a giant barricade to try and keep them from getting back in or “penetrating” as  Katie Maloney explains. They also mercilessly haze new girl 25-year-old Lala Kent.

In short it felt like this season the crew was fiercely trying to protect their very lucrative jobs on the show, while the outsiders were fighting hard to break in.Vanderpump Rules - Season 4

In fact season 4 felt more like Survivor than Vanderpump Rules. It’s not that there wasn’t real drama. It’s just that the ‘real drama’ was the core group protecting their jobs as stars of this hugely successful reality show.

In fact tonight we learned that Mike Shay’s drug problem had ended 6 months before the group intervention! So the Shay story-line was fabricated, likely by Scheana to maintain her starring role.

And poor Lala Kent was targeted from day one. The crew aligned to attack her and keep her out when they learned that she would be absent from work for a paid modelling gig in Italy on the premiere episode.

Tonight host Andy Cohen grills her about her modelling gigs and asks the cast if they believe that she was really being flown to Italy to “model”.

The crew still is not buying it. Lala is adamant that she did not “spread her legs” and I believe her.

It’s called a ‘Sugar baby’ folks! Come on Andy Cohen, get with the times. Unfortunately I learned about ‘Sugar babies’ when I learned that a friend of mine was a Sugar daddy. I know it’s hard to believe but these girls do lay down rules. There are contracts signed. Believe it or not there are a lot of wealthy men that pay hot girls to hang out with them in the hopes that the hot girls will act as honey-pots to make them attractive to hot unpaid women.

I actually think she held her own very well all things considered this season.

Anyhow, back to Survivor, I mean Vanderpump Rules. In a strange change of tide the core crew even aligns with Kristen to try and marginalize James Kennedy. James has managed to get on everyone’s sh!t list this season!

He and Kristen break up at the beginning of season 4 after Kristen finds the ‘Smoking Gun Uber’ receipt. The receipt reveals that James went home with co-worker Jenna.

Tonight Kristen accuses James of using her to get on the show and the rest of the cast backs her up. But then ex boyfriend Tom Sandoval accuses Kristen of using James to get back at him which Kristen vehemently denies.

Ariana Madix starts losing her sh!t on Kristen at the end claiming that she wasn’t genuine about her apology tour. Tom said, “I could apologize to you, too, if you want.” Then Kristen told us that she was, wait for it…………………… “as real as they come”.

Sandoval also accuses Kristen of trying to break up Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney last year. Who in this group has not tried to break up Tom and Katie?

James is always so eloquent on live television. He interjects that he is looking forward to the day when Kristen takes a s*** on all of them, so then he can say, “I told you so.”

Other things we learn: The girls have all had sex with other women–no surprise. The guys deny hooking up with the other guys, but come on we all know Jax Taylor and Tom Schwartz have hooked up…I’s so obvious. More on that sitch later.

That’s about it for part one. But get comfortable because this is a THREE part reunion and I’m sure they are saving the best for last….

The reunion continues on Monday, March 28 at 9 PM ET/PT with James Kennedy addressing his love bites.

The reunion concludes on Monday, April 4 at 8 PM ET/PT with Stassi and Lisa Vanderpump facing off over Stassi’s $900 sex tape.

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