Robby Hayes’ father hits back at Robby’s ex Hope Higginbotham

Robby Hayes’ father hits back at Robby’s ex Hope Higginbotham

Oh my God! So this season of The Bachelorette has been a bit lackluster onscreen. But what the show is lacking in drama onscreen it is MORE than making up for off-screen.

The real “show” is on Twitter and Instagram between the ex girlfriends and the contestants, but this time a contestant’s father is getting involved and lashing out.

Yes Robby Hayes father Robert Hayes Senior is blasting his son’s ex girlfriend 24-year-old Hope Higginbotham after she called Robby a liar on Instagram. 

First of all Hope recently posted on Instagram,

“Why you always lyin’? @roberthunter89 #thebachelorette #mymommadontlikeyou #iaintsorry.”

Robert Hayes Senior shot back at saying,…

“Only you would post this” ……“So glad you’re still watching our family stay tune[sic] for the best episode yet next week.”robby-hayes-day

OK, so what does he mean about next week? This is great news Bachelor Nation because I think it means that next week on Hometowns Robby will explain to Jojo that Hope cheated on Robby with Robby’s brother’s best friend and maybe we can finally get a little drama….perhaps the family will even chime in.

In fact in a sneak peek Robby’s mother Holly Hayes informs Robby that Hope is propagating rumors that Robby dumped her to be on the show and has enlisted a friend to attack him on social media and accuse him of lying and seeking fame.

“We know it’s not true,” says Hayes’ mother.

“The thing– see, I’m going to get really upset right now,” ….. “JoJo has concerns about this, and that could make her question my honest, and that’s bulls—.”

Hope has already lost some credibility by hooking up with former contestant Chad Johnson!

Jojo is understandably concerned about Robby since he just ended the 4-year relationship with Hope 4 months prior.

It looks like these two had been on and off many times and I suspect the call from producers to be on The Bachelorette was the final straw for the former swimmer.

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