What to expect on season 3 of Ladies of London?

What to expect on season 3 of Ladies of London?

Bravo still has yet to release an air date for the 3rd season of Ladies of London, but undoubtedly a premiere date is imminent since last year the show premiered in early September and filming began earlier this year.

So what can viewers expect in season 3 of the show?

They can expect to see all of their favorites except for one notable absence.

Unfortunately fan favorite Annabelle Neilson will not be returning for season 3. Last year was rough for Annabelle following a near-fatal horse racing accident. And the challenges of last season proved too much for the fashion model/reality star.

It looks like model Kim Johnson will be taking her place.

Marissa Hermer is back and she is experiencing a rather difficult pregnancy with placenta accreta on this season, but luckily in April she gave birth to daughter Sadie and Sadie is just fine.

Sadie was born weighing a mere 5½lb at the Chelsea and Westminster hospital on April 21st, and is the 3rd child and first daughter for her and husband Matt Hermer. The two had two sons Max, four, and two-year-old Jake.

Caroline Stanbury will be returning despite a rather embarrassing year. At the end of Season 2 her business, The Gift Library, collapsed and it sounds like she left a lot of people high and dry. But it looks like season 3 will be her last season as she recently moved to Dubai with her three children and and her banker husband Cem Habib. 

Her sister-in-law Sophie Stanbury will also be coming back (which means Caroline’s brother Alex Stanbury will be back)…along with Julie Montagu and Juliet Angus.

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Stay tuned for the premiere date!


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