9 Things to know about Catching Kelce’ Avery Schlereth

Twenty-three-year-old Avery Schlereth certainly appears to be a frontrunner on the reality show Catching Kelce. The young gorgeous aspiring model charmed NFL star Travis Kelce from day one on 35-yard line of the LA coliseum, with her good looks and Football pedigree. And the more I learn about her the more I think Travis Kelce may have to “catch” Avery if she wins.

Here are some interesting things to know about Miss Avery.

9 Things to know about Catching Kelce’ Avery Schlerethavery-s

1: She doesn’t actually live in Colorado.

Yes, that’s right. Just because she fronts for the state of Colorado doesn’t mean she actually lives there. Avery grew up in Denver, Colorado but recently moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting and modeling. Who knows, maybe she will make looking for love on reality television into a full-time job like lots of other reality stars have done.

2: This is not her first reality show.

Avery has starred in a series of reality shows including an MTV reality show and a Lifetime reality show. In other words the girl has a resume and I don’t expect her to do anything that could interfere with a future in reality television.

3: Avery’s entire family had a reality show called Reality Stinks.

In this episode Avery is struggling in school….apparently both Daniel and Avery are not doing great in school. I love that in this video Avery celebrates that she was able to raise her F in Math to a D. When her parents appeal to Avery’s math teachers to see if she could get a C, they are doubtful.

Her father is starring on Guiding Light during this episode as well.

4: Her sister is a bit of a TV star.

Alexandria Schlereth is an actress and producer, known for Desire (2006) MyNetworkTV, Oh Baby!(2008) and BarFly (2011).

5: She is part Japanese!

Yes this blonde beauty can probably credit some of her beauty to exotic ethnic background and her Japanese Grandmother on her mother Lisa’s side

Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram

6: Her family is very wealthy. Her fathers estimated net worth is $6 million.

7: Her family is very Christian. Yep, despite Avery’s racy modeling photos she and her family are very Christian. Dad Mark is a public speaker and often credits God for pushing him past the long odds to his success.

8: Her brother Daniel Schlereth is a professional baseball player. He’s a pitcher for the Toronto Blue Jays organization.daniel-Schlereth

9: She’s an aunt. Her brother Daniel Schlereth married his longtime girlfriend, collegiate gymnast, Breanne Workman on November 14, 2010, and they have a daughter, Quinn Brielle Schlereth.


Catching Kelce airs Wed. October 5th, at 8|7c on E!

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