7 Things to know about Bachelorette contestant Bryan Abasolo

Its now obvious that Dr. Bryan Abasolo is a clear front-runner for Rachel Lindsay’s final rose on this season of The Bachelorette. The 37 year old Miami chiropractor seems like the total package. He’s handsome. Hes educated, He’s got serious swagger. And he also has quite an intriguing back story. So that said here are some amazing things that you may not know about Bryan.

First the basics.bryan578

1. No surprise, he’s an Aquarius. Born February 15, 1980. The Aquarius is known for their impulsiveness and charm.

2. His ethnicity/nationality: He’s Colombian and very close to his mom and dad. His mom primarily speaks Spanish. Not surprisingly Bryan is bi-lingual.bryan-abasolo-the-bachelorette-6

3. My favorite nugget. Bryan was on a dating show called The Player in 2004 where he competed for a date with a Miami model named Dawn. He lost sadly.bryan2

4. His exes: He dated Bachelor alumni Jubilee Sharpe as well as Cuban/French Actress, model Genavieve Boue. Yikes! that’s quite an ex to contend with.Genavieve Boue

5. He’s good friends with Josh Murray…not sure if that’s a plus or minus.

6. In addition to being a chiropractor He is also an Associate/Distributor for Total Life Changes. The company specializes in detox, weight loss, energy, sexual performance.

7. He wants kids! 2 -3, preferably two boys, one girl.


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  1. Bryans haters pl look at pix of him sit with Rachel. He’s tell her ab Mom nd knows shll do a leapfrog so he braces his rt knee ag her left knee then he holds dwn sed left leg with both hands. Back story… I’m holding on to u for dear life nd u r not running ev after I tell u why my last relatshp broke up. I hope they last forev bec he loves Rachel. Hold on to his left leg too girl.


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