Peter Kraus gets emotional about his breakup with ex girlfriend Brittany Hansen

Peter Kraus gets emotional about his breakup with ex girlfriend Brittany Hansen

Last night was a pretty bizarre episode of The Bachelorette for many reasons. The men are with Rachel Lindsay in Switzerland and we’re one week away from the highly anticipated and very tense Hometowns.

So we generally get a lot of good reveals prior to meeting the families. Now 31-year-old model Peter Kraus starts regaling Rachel with a story about breaking up with his ex-girlfriend.

To say the delivery of said story was dramatic would be the understatement of the century. Peter claimed that he really liked this girl but something was just missing. He tells the tale of how she was at her house in the front yard when he broke the terrible news to her. Tears stream down his face as he describes driving off and seeing her in his windshield for the last time.

I know I can not be alone when I say, it seemed certain that Peter was going to finish the story by telling us that as he left he watched her get run over by a car and die and always blames himself for her tragic death.

“I saw tears streaming down her face, and I blame myself for that.”.

“I hope to be ready to give my heart up to someone else,” he explained. “I can only say that I think that I am so if I get to the end of this with you and I do get down on a knee and propose and we’re engaged, I want it to be because that’s 100 percent where my heart is at, at that time.”

So understandably I was shocked when he did not tell us the ex was deceased. And today to find some pictures of the exes on her Instagram.

The ex is Wisconsin resident and Red Bull manager Brittany Hansen, 35.

“My knight in shining Armani,” she captioned on Instagram in 2014.peter-kraus-ex

I have a conspiracy theory on this. As we know Peter has been angling to be The Bachelor since High School. I can’t help wonder if the real reason for the breakup was that he was contacted by Bachelor producers. Even if the breakup is a few years old, producers often contact future contestants or leads years in advance and let them know they are interested.

And perhaps Peter regrets the breakup a bit. I mean surely Brittany is over it by now and the two go out for coffee and talk and laugh about how much better they are as friends! Just check out her Instagram account. She doesn’t look like she’s sweating Peter one tiny bit.

Why does the topic bring him to tears?…likely regret, not guilt, in my humble opinion.

So I will do some more research on this one.

I feel pretty certain if Peter does not get Rachel’s final rose he will be cast as the lead for 2018 Bachelor.

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