Peter Kraus allegedly turns down offer to be next Bachelor

Peter Kraus’ breakup with Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay was excruciating. Let’s be honest, Peter was clearly her first choice, but unfortunately he could not get to a place where he was ready to propose to the Dallas attorney in the ‘accelerated’ timeline. Peter was obviously scarred from the experience and still reeling from his feelings for Rachel … Read more

Peter Kraus Hometown seems a bit suspect

Tonight on Hometowns Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay goes home with her men to meet their friends and family. One of those men was model Peter Kraus of Madison, Wisconsin. Now Peter’s Hometown was interesting because I think it was less about Rachel and more of a campaign to be the next Bachelor. My theory is that either … Read more

Who is Peter Kraus ex girlfriend Brittany Hansen?

On Monday night Peter Kraus got very emotional describing his breakup with ex girlfriend Brittany Hansen to Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay on their one on one dinner date in Switzerland. In fact he became so emotional that I was obsessed with finding out who this lovely lady was and what was the story behind this story. She is … Read more

Peter Kraus gets emotional about his breakup with ex girlfriend Brittany Hansen

Peter Kraus gets emotional about his breakup with ex girlfriend Brittany Hansen Last night was a pretty bizarre episode of The Bachelorette for many reasons. The men are with Rachel Lindsay in Switzerland and we’re one week away from the highly anticipated and very tense Hometowns. So we generally get a lot of good reveals … Read more

Peter Kraus — Bachelorette 2017 — Bio, Age, Photos, Wiki

Peter Kraus — Bachelorette 2017 — Bio, Age, Photos, Wiki Name: Peter Kraus Full Name: Peter Joseph Kraus Age: 31 Hometown: Madison, Wisconsin Occupation: Dietician/Personal Trainer at Worth Personal Training/model Education: Graduated Madison Area Technical College in 2010 with an Associates of Science in Dietetics/ Height: 6′-3″ Tattoos: Shoulder – family knot, arm – cross, ribs – Ironman, chest – a buck You … Read more