Alexa Alfia & Brennon Lemieux — Love is Blind S3 — bio, family, age

Alexa Love is Blind S3 Bio

Name: Alexa Alfia

Full Name: Alexa Alfia


Hometown: Dallas, Texas. 
Show: Netflix’s Love is Blind Season 3

Age: 27-year-old

Job: insurance company owner. Insurance Agent Owner at Alexa Alfia Allstate Agency

Education: Graduated from Tel Aviv University with a degree in communication and media studies in 2016.

Ethnicity: Israeli

Enneagram number: 3, The Achiever/Performer

Alexa comes from a large, wealthy family. She is one of six kids, plus she has a step-sister and a half-sister.

Alexa’s dad is Adam Alfia and he is loaded. Adam is a Partner at Hot Chicks Nashville Hot Chicken, Playground Bar Uptown, and CutiePies Pizza. He also started several other businesses: Feedback, Neon Cycle + Strength, and Theory Nightclub Uptown.

Her parents are divorced, and she doesn’t have a relationship with her mother. She cut all ties with her mom at age 13 and moved in with her grandparents in Israel.

Her stepmother is Morgan Alfia and looks like she is the same age as Alexa! Did her dad find her at his Hot Chicken Playground?

Anyhow, back to Alexa. The stunning young vixen is proud to show the world her curvy body. Alexa began her LIB journey declaring. “I’m very confident in who I am and I deserve someone who understands that.”

Instagram: @alexaalfia


Height: 5′ 5″


Birthday – 28 September, 1995

Zodiac sign – Libra

Love is Blind fiance: Alexia is engaged to Brennon Lemieux

Brennon Lemieux Love is Blind S3 Bio

Age: 32

Job: Water treatment engineer

Instagram: brennonlemieux

Alexa connects with Lemieux in the pods over their shared love of shakshuka — a Middle Eastern dish consisting of eggs, tomatoes and spices.

Currently at episode 7, things seem…….ummm I guess Ok for the couple, but certainly not stellar. We know their sex life has heated up after Brandon, the 2 minute Man, was told to be rougher in the bedroom and throw Alexa around. But aside from that money definitely seems like it will be an issue because Brandon doesn’t have a lot of it and Alexa needs a lot of it.

“She expects a lot out of life,” her dad, Adam tells Brennon.

“She expects just the way we live our lives and you know, live life to the fullest kind of people,” Adam continues, “and I just wanna make sure that she has somebody that can give her, you know, what she’s grown up with.”

Yikes! Doesn’t seem like any of the couples this season really hit it off. Stay tuned!


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