Zanab Jaffrey & Cole Barnett — Love is Blind S3 — bio, family, age

Cole Barnett is Blind S3 Bio

Name: Cole Barnett

Hometown: Dallas, Texas. 
Show: Netflix’s Love is Blind Season 3

Age: 27

Job: Realtor. Cole Barnett is the founder of Bdellium Real Estate. 

Religion: Christian

Enneagram Number: 3, The Opportunist

Instagram: colebrennanbarnett

Education: Cole graduated from Christian evangelical university King’s University with a bachelor’s degree in general Christian studies. Cole eventually moved to San Diego to be a youth pastor, before starting his own real estate company.

Love is Blind fiance: Zanab Jaffrey

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Zanab Jaffrey Love is Blind S3 Bio


Name: Zanab Jaffrey

Age: 32

Hometown: Dallas, Texas. Originally from the U.K. Born in Irvine, Scotland.

Job: Realtor

Education: She graduated from The University of Texas at Arlington with a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations/Image Management

Religion: Christian

Enneagram Number: 1, the Perfectionist

Zanab exhibits a lot of attributes of a slightly unhealthy Enneagram 1. She comes off very critical of Cole which IMO does not bode well for this relationship — a lot of pushing and pulling from the start. She seems to have a strong fear of abandonment which would hint at some Axis 2 situations — perhaps Bipolar Disorder or Borderline Personality Disorder.

Instagram: zanabjaffrey

As for her family, on Episode 1, Zanab confided in Cole that she lost both of her parents when she was a teenager. Her mother died from a brain tumor and her father died from a heart attack. She said as a result of the devastating experience that she “truly grieved for like a decade,” but it made her “grow up really fast.” 

She has one older sister who’s eight years older and lives in England. 

As of October 26th, episode 7, Cole and Zanab are off to quite a bumpy ride. Everything started off smooth, until Cole stirred everything up when he confessed to Colleen Reed that she was his type physically. Word of the conversation sent their respective partners into a tailspin trying to figure out what is what. Stay tuned….

Yikes! Doesn’t seem like any of the couples this season really hit it off. Stay tuned!

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