Is there still hope for love on LiB S3? — Alexa Alfia and Brennon Lemieux wedding day 

Alexa Alfia, 27, and Brennon Lemieux, 32, were the first couple engaged on Season Three of Love Is Blind. Last night we got to see episodes 8 through 10 of Netflix insanely popular dating series.

Predictably Raven Ross and SK Sikiru “SK” Alagbada did not say yes to marriage. In fact, it was so predictable I even wondered if the two discussed how to handle it beforehand because Raven indicates that she is ready to spend forever with SK at the altar and then SK reveals that he is

There was zero and I mean zero romantic chemistry between these two (unless the cunning editing wizards at LiB were tricking us) and Raven could only muster one tear as she walked away from the aisle.

The show leaves us on a cliff hanger with the wedding of Bartise Bowden and fiancé Nancy Rodriguez. We already know that one is going to be a hard no after Nancy smothered the flames of romance on their pre-wedding Honeymoon by discussing plunging a toilet while taking a sexy bath with Bartise.

And Matt Bolton and Colleen Reed are not going to be able to recover from the damage done to Matt by his ex wife who not only cheated on him, but got pregnant by the guy she cheated with leaving him angry and paranoid.

That only leaves us Alexa Alfia and Brennon Lemieux who are iffy at best.

Brennon is clearly smitten with his curvy Israeli siren but Alexa always looked a little unimpressed by Brennon.

On a positive note compared to some of the other relationships, Alfia and Lemieux’s relationship seems relatively drama-free. But on a not so positive note, the relationship seems to lack any real passion for anything but

There also seems to be a big difference in their power dynamic. Alexa clearly comes from wealth and power and maybe the Israeli mafia. Her father Adam owns a number of very lucrative businesses around Dallas and clearly has very strong feelings about the kind of man he sees for his daughter. And her six siblings also seem deadly serious about Alexa finding an equally wealthy and powerful partner.

Early in the season Alfia and Lemieux discuss money and a future and Alexa asks for a prenup agreement which indicates that she is WAY richer and has concerns about him coming after her wealth in a breakup.

Brennon tells Alexa that he still has around $32,000 in student loans. And Alfia, tells him that the only bills she has are from her online shopping orders — suggesting daddy pays for everything else.

Alexa tells Brennon that she hopes to be a stay-at-home mom — aka you’re gonna have to find a way to make SERIOUS money Brennon so chop chop and get it together.

While Brennon does not indicate that he wants to be super rich, he does share that he grew up never knowing where his next meal was going to come from and that saving money is thus important to him.

“I always want to be comfortable, like, where we can go have nice dinners, travel, and stuff like that,” Alfia says. “For me, like, I never want to have to worry about money.”alexia.alfia.religion

Then there is the biggest question of all for these two… religion … because Alexa is Jewish and this is not a point of negotiation for her family. Alexa’s father makes it very clear right away that converting to Judaism is not optional.

Lemieux, doesn’t give himself a religious label, but instead claims that he is just a “country boy.” He seems unphased by the demand to convert to Judaism.

So will Alexa Alfia, 27, and Brennon Lemieux make it past the altar or will they go their separate ways next Wednesday?

Well if social media is any clue don’t give up hope.