Andi Dorfman slams show and former contestants in new book

Andi Dorfman has a brand new book coming out in a few days, A Single State Of Mind, and she is throwing some serious shade at the show that made her a household D-List name. My first question is: does anyone sign an NDA on this show? Courtney Robertson, Emily Maynard and Andi Dorfman all … Read more

Is Bachelor Nick Viall still in love with Andi Dorfman?

Last Monday night’s Hometown Dates ended an a huge cliffhanger as Andi Dorfman knocked on Bachelor Nick Viall’s hotel door to help him make his final decision. So this week picks up where it left off. Obviously Andi has dropped her restraining order against Nick from her season. Recall how aggressively Nick stalked Andi at … Read more

Andi Dorfman disses Nick Viall Fantasy Suite sex

As much as I think Bachelorette Andi Dorfman is a bit of a jackass for dissing her experience as The Bachelorette and for publicly shaming ex fiancee Josh Murray, I do love an inside scoop and her book ’It’s Not Okay’  does dish some good details including details on the infamous sexy time in the … Read more

Andi Dorfman & Nick Viall back together?

It was just two months ago that 27-year-old former assistant D.A./Bachelorette Andi Dorfman and fiancé Josh Murray announced their split publicly. On a special ‘Tell All’ episode of the Bachelor a few weeks ago Andi was visibly very shaken while talking to Chris Harrison about what had happened. But just 2 days earlier on February … Read more

Andi Dorfman refused to meet with Nick Viall at Men Tell All

Now that The Bachelorette has finished taping so many good nuggets are coming out about what occurred behind the scenes. It sounds like Nick Viall was really bummed about the break-up and contacted producers a month and a half ago to try and arrange a meeting. He even showed up to the taping of the … Read more

Andi Dorfman addresses Nick Viall’s sex claim

Last night on After the Final Rose 33-year-old runner-up Nick Viall attempted to persuade Andi Dorfman to pull a Jason Mesnick and dump fiance Josh Murray and choose him, but it back-fired. Once Nick was shut down by Andi, he got mean and took a shot at the Bachelorette….asking her “why she slept with him” … Read more