Andi Dorfman addresses Nick Viall’s sex claim

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Last night on After the Final Rose 33-year-old runner-up Nick Viall attempted to persuade Andi Dorfman to pull a Jason Mesnick and dump fiance Josh Murray and choose him, but it back-fired. Once Nick was shut down by Andi, he got mean and took a shot at the Bachelorette….asking her “why she slept with him” aka revealing that she DID sleep with him to the world and most importantly to her new fiance.

Today on her press tour she addressed the uncomfortable situation with Extra’s AJ Calloway

“To each his own… If that’s what he needed, the last dig, then that’s fine. We’ve left that in L.A.”

Murray added, “We’re way above that stuff.”

The couple also spoke to ABC news about the situation.

“It wasn’t the most tasteful route,” Dorfman explained. “But that doesn’t negate the relationship I had with him.”

Josh wasn’t real happy with Nick:

“It was very classless and disrespectful and it just shows the type of person he really is,” …. “I don’t associate myself with those kinds of people and neither does Andi. … He’s of no concern to us or our lives.”

Here is the infamous video…..

Nick claims that he did not plan to ask her that question in front of a live audience, nor did ABC producers prompt him do so. And I believe him. Nick is an Enneagram 3. Three’s get really nasty when they get hurt and shut down and they realize they will not be getting what they want. He was hurt and went into victim mode calling her demeanor on the show “cold”.

Big mistake Nick! The Enneagram 1 does not respond well to that. You suggested she was “bad” for sleeping with you and that is a serious button with that type! One’s can be viscous when they think they are being attacked especially if you are implying they were “bad” and lacked integrity.

Andi Dorfman’s season of The Bachelorette

“I didn’t want, in any way, to humiliate her or make her feel that way and I feel very sorry if she did feel that way,” he told reporters. “When people break up like that, those are the questions people want to know… [and] unfortunately that was my only opportunity to [ask].”

But the couple isn’t focusing on the awkward comment. They are way too busy planning their wedding for next Spring which I am guessing Nick will not be invited to!

“I looked at a couple pictures, wedding dresses obviously.” Josh added, “I’m excited about that. She’s thinking about it. We’re thinking probably spring next year.”

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Andi Dorfman IS engaged to Josh Murray!!!

See Andi’s engagement ring!

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2 thoughts on “Andi Dorfman addresses Nick Viall’s sex claim

  1. He was not being “mean” to her. She led him on, big time, and to him, when she slept with him, it meant something more than a one nighter. He thought she was telling him she was going to choose him. He had every single right to call her on it, and if she was embarrassed, well, too bad. I agree with Shanti.

  2. I found her- not Nick- classless and insensitive. She is on the show to supposedly find a husband not sleep with the candidates and then dump then. THAT is below the belt and disrespectful behavior. These days, very few people have the gift of loyalty and decency. This woman is not a catch and most likely will sleep around again once she is married. Feel sorry for infatuated Josh, a brutal wake up call it will be…..

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