Why did Bachelorette Producers bring Nick Viall in on episode 4?

Why in the world would producers allow Nick Viall to crash the The Bachelorette on episode 4? Producers are pretty strict in their rules for the contestants and the lead of the show. One of those rules is that the lead can not know any of the contestants. They especially don’t want the lead to have any … Read more

The Bachelorette Emily Maynard Season 8: Bad boy Arie Luydendyk, Jr. has a romantic history with show producer

Scandal on the set of The Bachelorette!  Apparently Indy Car driver Arie Luydendyk, Jr. has romantic ties to one of the producers of the show.  He dated Cassie Lambert, a producer of The Bachelorette, who was also involved in the selection of Emily’s potential suitors! Apparently the romance has been over for a while and Cassie is currently engaged to another producer … Read more