Why did Bachelorette Producers bring Nick Viall in on episode 4?

Why in the world would producers allow Nick Viall to crash the The Bachelorette on episode 4? Producers are pretty strict in their rules for the contestants and the lead of the show. One of those rules is that the lead can not know any of the contestants.

They especially don’t want the lead to have any sort of prior relationship going in to the show that could interfere with her developing feelings for other guys. But it seems that they broke their own rules this season–especially allowing a guy to crash so late in the game.

But things are making a little more sense now.

According to an insider in InTouch, one of the men had become so close with Bristowe that producers became concerned for the success of the season so they brought in Nick Viall to stir the pot. “Producers freaked out when they saw how close Kaitlyn was growing to one of the men — it was no contest — so they brought Nick on the show [during week 4] to keep things interesting.”

So they needed to bring him in because they knew she already had a connection with him which suggests to me that she is not feeling a connection with anyone else on the show other than that one guy.

Spoiler alert. Stop now if you don’t want to know who Kaitlyn sleeps with.

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So Kaitlyn slept with more than just Nick Viall before Fantasy Suites. She also slept with Shawn Booth and she slept with Shawn really early in the season. So did the other guys really even have a chance? Sounds like she set her sights on these two early on and never looked back.

Another insider says, “She doesn’t care that she broke the rules,” ….. “A lot of the men will be shocked to find out how far she went so quickly… This is going to be the wildest Guys Tell All episode ever!”

Yeah, again, this is why I am getting a BPD vibe from Kaitlyn. She comes on way too fast, way too quick and then bails on to the next guy. It will be really interesting to hear what the guys think of Kaitlyn when this all plays out.

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