Who are Jojo Fletcher’s brothers?

Monday night Bachelor Ben Higgins takes his amazing ladies on Hometowns to meet their families and presumably ask for their hand in marriage….from all 4 sets of parents! And one Hometown appears to go horribly wrong when Ben meets the brothers of 24-year-old Dallas real estate developer Joelle Fletcher.

So who are Jojo Fletcher’s brothers?

They are Dallas businessmen 34-year-old Ben Patton and 38-year-old Matt Patton — yes “Matt” not “Martin”! And they are both half brothers through mother Soraya Fletcher, not “step” like many sites are reporting. I can not get over how bad the reporting is from these giant news websites that can’t even get the names right let alone anything else…but I digress.

In previews brother Ben tells Jojo that she “deserves better.”

JoJo’s brother Matt tells Bachelor Ben that he “brainwashes his girls” and “needs to take a step back,” prompting a flustered JoJo to break down in to tears.

She confides in her big brothers, “I can see myself falling in love with him,” but after the brothers get a bit over-protective Jojo cries and says, “now you’re doing this? I was so excited about today.”

Source: ABC
Source: ABC

But this Hometown is amazing for several reasons. One is that her brother (half brother through mom) Ben Patton had a contract to be THE Bachelor which makes his comment about her “deserving better” even more amazing and ironic.

Yes, it was’t simply that he was in the running, it was that he had inked a deal with ABC to lead the show in 2008. This was of course back in the day when ABC chose a fresh Bachelor each season and the Bachelors were insanely wealthy and successful—you know before the Bachelor’s were cellular phone salesman (Jason Mesnick) and State Farm Insurance agents (Sean Lowe).

Yes he ended up being the Bachelor on NBCs short-lived version of The Bachelor Ready for Love, but he was actually legally obligated for years to be the ABC Bachelor until his contract was bought out by NBC in 2012.

Source: twitter
Source: twitter

The reason Ben never ended up being ABCs Bachelor is because he was overseas working for the royal family of Abu Dhabi as the the youngest investment manager at the sovereign wealth fund. In fact his lack of availability may be the reason we got Jason Mesnick as The Bachelor in 2009.

Remember that was the season when ABC officially changed the format and cast the lead based on the loser of the previous season of The Bachelorette. It all comes full circle with The Bachelor!

So the two brothers blasting Ben Higgins and this “process” of finding a life partner on national television is a bit hypocritical to say the least since Ben did find love on the show with amazing lady Angela Zatopek — the two even got engaged on the finale — although the romance was short-lived.

In fact look at this little gem. It’s Ben Patton meeting Angela’s dad on Ready for Love and asking for her hand in marriage.

Source: NBC
Source: NBC

Ben also famously dated show producer Eva Longoria, but that also was short-lived….. AND Bachelor contestant Jamie Otis!

The other brother you see in the previews is Matt Patton–also extremely successful. In fact Ben and his brother Matt built a maritime shipping company headquartered in Dubai.

Ben and Matt are the son of Jojo’s Iranian mom Soraya Fletcher and American father George Patton.

Just to make The ABC Bachelor connection even more amazing, Matt, Ben and JoJo are all friends with a former Bachelor Jake Pavelka. But wait it gets better. Ben’s ex girlfriend who was stalking him on the show Ready for Love Kari Krakowski returned from the show sans Ben BUT began dating wait for it………….famous foot fetish dude Tanner Pope from Jillian’s season of The Bachelorette!

The other reason Jojo’s Hometown is going to be amazing is because Jojo’s ex boyfriend Chad Rookstool apparently still has feelings for her and leaves her flowers and a love letter on her door step!


Ready for Love was actually a GREAT show BTW. NBC cancelled it way too soon because it got much better after the first two episodes. If you have a chance watch it on Hulu and you will really get to know Jojo’s big brother.

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