Ben Patton and Jamie Otis: They’re freaking “dating”!

I don’t even know where to begin with this blog post because my mind is being blown to schrapnel with the news that recently-no-longer-reality-TV-engaged Ben Patton, one of the three leading dudes from NBC’s Ready for Love, is now dating former Ben Flajnik (The Bachelor) and Chris Bukowski (Bachelor Pad 3) dumpee Jamie Otis.


Mr. Slickster hospital owner guy is dating the girl that wore STICKY FACE JEWELS on the finale of Bachelor Pad 3?!??!!???

Jamie Otis Bachelor Pad finaleThis is all being reported by Life & Style. And, I suppose they don’t say the word “dating” in their article. They say she’s “cozying up” to Ben Patton. So, she could have called Life & Style to report that the two are officially an item — just like she knew Chris Bukowski was totally-totally into her on Bachelor Pad — and really this could all be news to Ben.

Here’s what Jamie said to Life & Style:

“He friended me on Facebook. So 21st century of him. From there, we started chatting and we’ve been actively talking,” she told Life & Style about how they met at the Atlantic City Alliance Bachelorette viewing party in NYC on Monday. “He’s coming to NYC on the 28th and we have plans to hang out.”

What’s in store for the couple when Ben ventures to the Big Apple? Jamie shares, “We’re going to have a night on the town and he’s going to show me the hip spots. Even though I’ve lived here for a year, I still don’t know all of them.”

Ben Patton Credit: Ready For love
Ben Patton
Credit: Ready For love

How awkward is that quote?!?! I mean, she’s giving a magazine an exclusive update because Ben Patton sent her a friend request on Facebook and now they have plans to check out some “hip spots” in NYC! HAHA! BEN’S GOING TO SHOW HER THE “HIP” SPOTS!!! I love it!!

This is really sounding like a non-story that is kind of the story of the century for how amazing it is. I bet Ben thinks they’re just “hangin'” and Jamie has already picked out a china pattern.

Hear that, NYC? Head to any “hip spot” in NYC on June 28th and you’ll see Ben Patton and Jamie Otis “cozying up”!!

Also, for those wondering… that’s right, Ben Patton and Angela Zatopek broke up.


handsOk! I hate to break in to Penny Farthings post but this has GOT to be the situation of the “21st” century!!!

The second hand awkwardness just imagining these two together hangin’ at Jamie’s “spots” in NYC–I can’t even handle it from here in SD!

I was just telling PF bet you anything the “spots” are somewhere in Times Square because Jamie seems to know how to make an uncomfortable situation a REALLY, REALLY uncomfortable situation and what could be less comfortable than hanging out with a girl you just met on Facebook in the midst of 1000s of tourists!

I also have to wonder if Ben is even aware Jamie gave this interview after seeing her plant her stakes into Chris Bukowski sans his knowledge or consent on The Bachelor Pad.

I am also imagining the world’s most awkward lap dance on this date. It’s times like this Penny Farthing and I really need to dust off our shrubbery outfits and get into action!

This is a TRULY amazing situation!!!!

Jamie Otis Bio

UPDATE!!! 7/22/2014: Jamie Otis married Doug Hehner on fyi show Married at First Sight!!

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