Will there ever be a Vanderpump Rules season 9?


Will there ever be a Vanderpump Rules season 9?, or 10, or ever? The bloodbath on Vanderpump Rules season 8 has been brutal. I just watched the season 8 reunion and it was brutal. Not the usual, someone gave Jax a blow job in the SUR bathroom brutal, but brutal in that a good portion … Read more

Lisa Vanderpump doesn’t believe Tom Schwartz did not cheat

Lisa Vanderpump weighed in on her video blog about firing Kristen Doute and the Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz cheating situation. “Well it’s nice to see Kristen having such a good time. Clearly she’s not concerned about what’s gone down or her job for that matter.”–nice little dig! She goes on to comment about Kristen bringing Annemarie … Read more

Tom Schwartz blasts Kristen Doute on Miami Girl situation

The cast of Vanderpump Rules has always had a pretty functional, dysfunctional relationship and I think Tom Schwartz is feeling betrayed by his boyfriend, I mean best friend Jax Taylor for snitching on him about cheating on girlfriend Katie Maloney in Vegas so he is naturally directing his anger at Kristen Doute. Kristen has always been an … Read more

Kristen Doute fired from SUR!

I am still shocked after last night’s episode of Vanderpump Rules where producer and boss Lisa Vanderpump fired longtime SUR-ver and longtime situation Kristen Doute! I honestly thought Kristen was immune from being fired since her ingenious ability to propagate drama has been such a homerun for the Bravo show. But the 31-year–old reality star … Read more