Are Chris Leroux and Mikaela Wightman still together?

If you saw last night’s less than dramatic Bachelor Canada finale then you already know the answer. Yes, in the end 33-year-old Chris Leroux offered a lukewarm proposal of continued dating to 27 year-old Winnipeg, Manitoba Communications Manager and Fashion blogger Mikaela Wightman, but the… Continue Reading

Bachelor Canada finale — Chris Leroux picks Mikaela Wightman — sort of

Season 3 Bachelor Canada premiere recap The Season 3 Bachelor Canada finale aired tonight and 33-year-old Chris Leroux sadly bailed on his contractual obligation to propose to one amazing lady. Yes, Chris opted to forgo the engagement proposal and stay… Continue Reading

Lyndsey Gavin — Bachelor Canada — Bio, Age, Photos, Wiki

Lyndsey Gavin — Bachelor Canada — Bio, Age, Photos, Wiki Name: Lyndsey Gavin Nickname (if applicable): Deedee Age: 23 Hometown: Vancouver, British Columbia. Lived in New York City (moved there on December 30th 2013 when she was 19) Occupation: Publicist. Account Executive at Orchard + Broome Education: Capilano University: Arts… Continue Reading