Witney Carson on Chris Soules: ‘I hope he finds someone who…… is okay being in the middle of nowhere”

Finally Witney Carson talks about DWTS partner Chris Soules finding love. It was pretty obvious that these two were crushing on each other for a while. In fact I think it was very obvious to Chris’ then fiance Whitney Bischoff prompting her to break up with the Iowa farmer. The two were even on vacation … Read more

Chris Soules on vacation with DWTS partner Witney Carson

Chris Soules engagement to Bachelor winner Whitney Bischoff did not last long —about 2 months to be exact. And it appears more and more certain that the relationship ended as a result of Chris doing Dancing With the Stars. Chris appeared totally enamored with his dance partner Witney Carson and now a few months later the two are on a vacation … Read more

Chris Soules tells Witney Carson ‘I love you’, not ready to leave LA


Bachelor Chris Soules got the boot from DWTS last week, but apparently he is not leaving LA to return to ‘real life’ that easily. For weeks he kept discussing how excited he was to return to Iowa with his new fiancé Whitney Bischoff so they could get their ‘real life’ started, but now that he … Read more