Zanab Jaffrey dumps LiB fiance Cole Barnett at altar on season finale


If there is one couple that fans were most rooting for it was Zanab Jaffrey and Cole Barnett. Continue Reading

Zanab Jaffrey & Cole Barnett — Love is Blind S3 — bio, family, age

Cole Barnett is Blind S3 Bio Name: Cole Barnett Hometown: Dallas, Texas.  Show: Netflix’s Love is Blind Season 3 Age: 27 Job: Realtor. Cole Barnett is the founder of Bdellium Real Estate.  Religion: Christian Enneagram Number: 3, The Opportunist Instagram: colebrennanbarnett Education: Cole graduated… Continue Reading

Love is Blind season 3 Cast bios

After two very successful seasons of Love Is Blind, the show has returned for the much anticipated Season 3 set in Dallas, Texas Continue Reading