Update: Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson move in together!

We have an update on Bachelor Ben Flajnik and Villian/”winner” Courtney Robertson. The two lovebirds are moving in together! The relationship has already far exceeded our expectations and these two may actually just make it!  I have to say that I am impressed/shocked by this news. I honestly thought that when it came time for Courtney to leave image/paparazzi-friendly Santa Monica and move to sleepy Sonoma she would be outta there.

Actually, my exact prediction was that as soon as the “Step-and-Repeats” disappeared Courtney would lose interest (see “Step and Repeat” in the photo to right). But maybe Courtney isn’t as shallow as we thought, and maybe she is ready to settle down with the Bachelor wine-maker. Courtney has been living in both California and Arizona, while Ben has been in Sonoma. Life & Style magazine recently interviewed the happy “Bachelor” couple about the big move:

“It’s a soft move-in,” Ben explains. “We’re spending long periods together to make sure it works.  A couple of months ago we tried this, and it didn’t go so well.” Courtney Robertson also commented on the big move-in. “We’ve been feeling our way through it, day by day. I love Ben very much — I’ve never loved anyone as much as I love him.”

Wow!!! This is truly amazing! We know the two tried to live together once before and it didn’t work out. Hopefully this time around things will be better. Congratulations Ben and Courtney! This is a situation we did not expect to work!

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