‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Recap episode 6

‘Bachelor in Paradise’ episode 6 wastes no time in getting the situations started! Cody Sattler gives his rose to Michelle Money and tells her that he loves her after a record 24 hours together!  “Right before the rose ceremony, Cody told me he’s in love with me,” she tells the other contestants….”It’s just too much for me.”

To make the situation even more uncomfortable he tells her that his next girlfriend will be his wife. The pressure is too much even for Michelle and she decides to do what she does best…. handle the situation. She talks to Jesse Kovacs who shockingly contends that he is “just there to have fun”! Whaaaat??? This is especially disconcerting to us since we met Jesse a few years ago and thought he was the nicest most sincere guy–but what are you gonna do if ABC offers you a free trip to “paradise”? He encourages Michelle to just have fun but remember she does have a 9-year-old daughter and takes this opportunity really seriously.

Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul are already shopping for Neil Lane engagement rings. Marcus drops the L bomb (weeks after telling Andi he “loves” her), but Lacy does not reciprocate. Whenever ABC producers need a couple to fall in love fast they have them face a serious fear together (it’s a little ABC trick). So producers at this point must be panicked because SOMEONE here better walk away with a Neil Lane ring so they produce a fear scenario sending them to recreate The Descent. where the two swim through a cave and are attacked by bats prompting them to make-out.

Fan favorite Brooks Forester shows up on the beach with a date card in hand and asks out Jackie after being seriously warned by Robert Graham not to ask out Sarah. Sarah is seriously bummed because she really wants a date with Brooks.

Brooks and Jackie head to the town of Tulum for a date at Casa Banana, (ABC must be really limited on dating options since every date is either a trip to Tulum to eat, shop, explore a cave or see the ruins). Luckily Brooks appears to be smitten by Jackie.

Sarah confesses that she came on the show to meet Brooks. Wait…I thought she came on the show to meet Marcus? At any rate the two continue to make-out and Sarah decides to play it safe and keep Robert. Robert tells Sarah that he is excited to go back to the real world to explore their relationship further.

Christy Hanson learns that Jesse has hooked up with multiple women in “paradise”. Michelle confides in Christy that Jesse is telling people that he hooked up with both her and Lucy last week.

What is up with Kovacs? When we met him he was in a very serious relationship with his fashionista girlfriend Summer. So his behavior makes me wonder if he may have recently broken up with her? I hate to think Kovacs could just be a d-bag.

Anyhoo, Tasos Hernandez arrives to fall in love except that EVERYONE is already hooked up!! Maybe he and Brooks could make a love connection. Michelle recommends that Tasos ask out Christy.

Tasos takes the advice and takes Christy on a boat ride to a private dock and  asks for permission to kiss her.

Zack gets a date card and takes Jackie swimming in a cave. He refers to Jackie as a “breath of fresh air” after getting out of the hostage situation with Clare Crawley.

At the Cocktail Party Zack and Brooks work their connection with Jackie. Jesse fears being booted after telling castmates he hooked up with multiple girls, but he still tries to work his connection with “dumb blond” Christy.  Jesse decides to save face and make leaving look like his decision claiming Christy did not “open up to him.”

Eventually, Lacy gives her rose to Marcus, AshLee Graham. Sarah Robert. Michelle Cody. Christy Tasos’ and Jackie chooses Zack.

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  1. BTW Michelle M was bum because she cant find a connection with anyone on Bachelor in Paradise. Then Cody falls in love her and Michelle gets overwhelmed over the situation. Michelle should give Cody a chance


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