Jax Taylor still claiming that he did not lie to Tiffany or Carmen about each other

On the premiere of Vanderpump Rules season 3 Jax Taylor claimed that the 2 girls he was dating knew all about each other and that he did not lie. The claim was laughable especially to both girls, Tiffany Matthews and Carmen Dickman. So I was shocked to see that 6 months later he is still insisting that he was not lying to them about one another.

In order to understand this situation you have to know the timeline (it’s here if you want to review it). At the time the reunion was filmed last season in February Jax was and had been dating Tiffany Matthews for about 6 months (since July of 2013). On the reunion he claimed to be single but he failed to tell Tiffany that. A show insider told us this in regards to his relationship with Tiffany:

“She and Jax dated for six months. However, he never (in public) said that she was his girlfriend …..It came to an abrupt halt, literally the day after the reunion taping. He didn’t break up with her until a couple of weeks later, when the news of him and Carmen hanging out surfaced. She was led to believe that they were still together and she was waiting for his return to Las Vegas. He then had to call and break things off.”

He makes the astounding claim about his “honesty” with both women in this new interview on News 4 New York.

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