Sean Varricchio ‘Married at First Sight’ arrest record and mugshot

So ‘Married at First Sight’ season 2 just premiered and we already have our first scandal. I discovered that handsome 35-year-old trauma nurse, Sean Varricchio from New Jersey actually has an arrest record! I saw that someone with his name had a DUI in Sarasota County, Florida and naturally I said..ok well no way that’s him since Sean lives in New Jersey, but then I saw the mugshot and nope, it is him.

Sean M Varricchio was arrested on 3:19 AM for driving under the influence.

The official charges are:
Sean was released on a $500.00 bond.
Sean married 34-year-old Davina Kullar, a biopharmaceutical sales rep in New York City.
Neither Sean nor Davina’s family is supportive of their marriage and this update may not help.
Earlier Sean claimed that he was looking for someone who was “open-minded”. Hope she is open-minded enough to overlook an arrest record.

Sean Varricchio mugshot
Sean Varricchio mugshot

Earlier Sean revealed that he was bullied as a child for being geeky.

—Some interesting allegations from Sean’s coworkers

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UPDATE 6/16/2015: Jessica Castro just filed a restraining order against Ryan De Nino


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