Ben Higgins Bachelor premiere — landing gears touch down

Tonight the long awaited season 20 of The Bachelor began and Bachelor Ben Higgins got to meet his carefully curated selection of amazing ladies to date and potentially propose to after 9 weeks.

First Ben meets with some previous Bachelors to get their advice — Chris Soules, Sean Lowe and Jason Mesnick. They pump him up. I love how Chris Soules encourages him to kiss EVERYONE. I am reading between the lines, but I think what Soules was really saying was ‘I can not believe I did not sleep with Jade Roper when I had the chance!’

Intro situations

First of all, 23-year-old Caila Quinn from Boston, Massachusetts claims that she broke up with her boyfriend when she saw Ben come out of the limo during Kaitlyn’s season–which is kind of true! We got word from an insider that she actually did not break up with her boyfriend until July at the END of Kaitlyn’s season.

Then there is 25-year-old Amanda Stanton who is a single mom and claims she is going on the show for her children!

Mandi, the dentist wins the award for best gimmick by giving Ben a professional check up. NOTHING is more uncomfortable and less sexy than going to the Dentist so I think this maneuver, while creative, was a bad move–especially when she said Ben needed to work on his flossing.AMANDA K., BEN HIGGINS

Olivia Caridi claims that she left a job in broadcasting to meet Ben ensured that Ben would keep her around. Smart move Olivia.

The Landing gears touch down….

Here are a few of the entrances….

Lauren H. –  gave him the bouquet she caught at a wedding — a not so subtle hint
Rachel –  made a balloon rose
Lauren B. showed off her juggling chops.
Amber James showed off her puppeteering skills by roasting the other girls with a puppet.
Leah Block showed up as a clown.
Jen Saviano showed us her tennis skills. (Her parents run a Tennis academy in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.)
Olivia Caridi, 23 jumped out of a cake
Jubilee Sharpe played the harp.
Caila Quinn jumped in to Ben’s arms.
Hailey and Emily – the twins — danced an Irish jig

The bizarre situations

1. Tiara, 26, chicken enthusiast from Redmond, WA.

Ben asks, “Tell me how you walk birds.”

“I think obesity is such a big problem today, and birds can fly, but who is walking them?” ……. “What if their legs get so fat that they can’t even fly away? So that’s why it’s important to me.”

“Well, I’d love to hear more about it,” Ben responds.

2. The twins. Occupation: Twins. Ben thinks he has had 1 too many cocktails and is seeing double when the twins Hailey and Emily Ferguson emerge to greet him. But what may have been even more bizarre/disturbing is when the twins told Ben he should not feel weird about dating them both.

3. The tiny horse. Maegan, 30, cowgirl, Weatherford, Texas shows up with a mini horse and both are invited to go inside and I am preoccupied with that horse being traumatized by all of this.

Some familiar faces surprise

Photo Source: ABC

Just when Ben thinks that he’s met all of his amazing ladies two more bonus ladies arrive— Becca Tilley and Amber James — both from Chris Soules season of the Bachelor–both in the same limo. Boy is ABC getting their money’s worth out of Amber James! I mean she was on Soules season for all of 2 seconds before getting the boot, yet has already appeared on Bachelor in Paradise and now a second season of The Bachelor.

A few Ben situations emerge…

Olivia Caridi confronts Ben right away for kissing a lot of the girls, but she also received the 1st impression rose.

Lace Morris throws a tantrum AFTER receiving a rose because Ben did not make enough eye contact with her.

“The issue was I didn’t look at you during the rose ceremony?” Ben asked.

Surprisingly Ben allows her to keep her rose and doesn’t dump her on the spot.

Lace wins the award for ‘most likely to throw herself down a flight of stairs’ to get Ben’s attention.

Rose ceremony eliminations

Breanne Rice, Tiara Soleim, Meagan Miller, Lauren Russell, Isabel Goodkind, Laura Esselman, and Jessica Moser.

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