The Robby Hayes Gay Conspiracy

We love a gay conspiracy here at Ok Here’s the Situation. If you think about it–given the 100’s of young men who have appeared on this show looking for love — statistics suggest at least a few of them have to be gay. This season I put my money on 27-year-old professional swimmer Robby Hayes of Jacksonville, Florida… and long before the Chad Johnson allegations surfaced.

He was just too pretty and too fashionable not to be. And now adding fuel to the conspiracy are the insinuations by Chad who is now dating ‘an insider’.

Chad Johnson left the Bachelor mansion and immediately snapped up the URL’s of his enemies and snapped up their ex girlfriends. Yes Chad promptly located the ex girlfriend of Robby Hayes…24-year-old Berkshire Hathaway realtor Hope Higginbotham of Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. And not only did he find her, but he hooked up with her and proudly boasted about the hookup on social media.robby-hayes

If Robby and Hope lived in the same city or even state it would have been one thing, but Chad lives in Oklahoma and Hope lives in Florida!

Anyhow the two have become a ‘sort-of’ item. They have at least teamed up to become an ‘item’ to bash Robby. You know the adage…’the enemy of my ex boyfriend is my friend’.

And given that Chad has had plenty of 1 on 1 time with Hope it’s likely that she revealed some details about their sex life…or lack there of.

On Monday Chad unleashed this telling tweet,

If I have to watch @RobbyHHayes pretend to like women for one more second on #TheBachelorette, I’m gonna blow my head off. #TheBitchelorette

robby-hayes-gayInterestingly Robby has allegedly threatened Hope not to talk to the tabloids about the relationship. What is he so afraid? Especially given that Hope can’t possibly have much credibility now that she’s hooking up with Chad!

On Monday’s episode Robby told Jojo this about why their relationship ended,

“My relationship with Hope…was over 9 months before it actually ended….it’s something that I didn’t have the capacity to end when I should have because I thought changes were going to be made and I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt….I ended it in December after a blowup fight and she slapped me”…”and I havent spoken to her since then and I will never speak to her again.”

So why would Robby do the show if this were true? For the same reason every guy does the show…for his 15 minutes.

Here is an interesting comment from an insider from Robby’s hometown suggesting he may have been using the show to launch a modeling career.

“I heard Robby recently became more high maintenance and prissy after he started modeling…… It just shocks me to know he is a possible candidate on this show. His family should be embarrassed for allowing him to do this. They are the little proper country club style family and even though he is of age and still lives at home, they could have encouraged him not to do so or at least wait for a little bit after a breakup of a long relationship and have a little bit of class. But after hearing recent stories of Robby he probably only did the show for attention in hopes of some more modeling jobs!”robby-hayes-90

“I questioned if he was gay past few months after the only things that he would post were of him and guys and a few pictures here and there of him and Hope. Maybe that’s why they broke up? Cause she thought he was gay?!”

And given the rather peculiar allegations against Robby …..that he was trying to pay people to promote him on Twitter.

In fact Jade Roper claimed that Robby was trying to pay her husband Tanner Tolbert and her to promote him on social media.

“A guy from JoJo’s season is trying to pay Tanner and me to promote him on Instagram for followers. Sounds legit.”

Well who knows. But if Robby does turn out to be gay, he certainly won’t be the first Bachelorette contestant … or the last!

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