Who is Bachelorette Canada contestant Kevin Wendt?

Thirty-two-year-old Kevin Wendt is one of 20 men competing for the heart and final rose of Bachelorette Canada, Jasmine Lorimer and one of the early frontrunners.

So who is Kevin W. from Waterloo, Ontario?

1: He’s an Aquarius, born February 1, 1984. Aquarius men are very creative and honest to a fault.

2: He’s a Navy man and dedicated firefighter which may explain why he has so many tattoos. Kevin works from Toronto.  (Incidentally Jasmine has 2 firefighters in her anticipated top 3).kevin-wendt-tattoos

3: has quite a few tattoos–three to be exact – on his arm sleeve, on his ribs and on his back. And he really digs stars for some reason.

4: He’s a dead ringer for American actor James Marsden.

5: His parents are very happily married and Kevin is very close to them. He talks to his mom Jill everyday.

6: In response to the question ‘What would an ex say are your three worst attributes?’ Kevin replied,

  • 1. Trouble staying still
  • 2. Easily bored
  • 3. Hard on myself

7: He’s an Ariana Grande fan.

8: He lists his three best attributes as, Loyalty, Responsible/driven, and Fun

I suspect Kevin W is an Enneagram 6, the Loyalist. They are loyal to a fault which would make Kevin an excellent and very reliable life partner for Jasmine. Clearly Jasmine likes firefighters which bodes well for both Kevin W and Mike Ogilvie who are rumored to be in her top 3.

Kevin W is in the final 2!

Jasmine says goodbye to Mike Ogilvie

UPDATE 11/22/2016: Jasmine chose Kevin Wendt!! The two are officially engaged…And are still together as of right NOW! Kevin wrote on Twitter a few days ago…”I have so so so much to say, stay tuned”. More to come