Jasmine Lorimer picks final 2 — Mikhel Sickand and Kevin Wendt!

Canada’s first Bachelorette Jasmine Lorimer is already down to her final two suitors and I have to confess I am a bit shocked by the finalists. I thought 29-year-old Winnipeg Firefighter Mike Ogilvie was a shoe win and I thought 28-year-old Newmarket Aviation Engineer Mikhel Sickand was DOA, but I was wrong Bachelor Nation!

Jasmine has culled her herd from 20 down to two and sadly lovable Mike O is gone: Mikhel Sickand and Kevin Wendt are the final two.

Both men are very good-looking, both are gainfully employed– a big plus in a life partner, but both also seem……how shall I say……a bit bridge and tunnel perhaps?

I actually really liked Kevin W. in the beginning. I mean he seemed a bit alpha-male caveman with his jealousy and conversational issues, but I thought he may actually provide a good yin to Jasmine’s yang.

Cs18kZLXEAAgoGtBut I have sort of lost faith in Kevin recently. Last week Jasmine took her caveman to do what else? — milk a cow and make some bread.

And afterwards the two engaged in a very deep conversation about their potential future.

Kevin conceded that he was ready to shut down his Tinder account for good and settle down. Why?

Because as he eloquently put it,

“Single life is boring, dating life is boring.”

Jasmine told Kevin that she wanted a real partnership and insisted that she and Kevin had “an unexplainable kind of connection” Kevin says ‘ditto’ (I’m paraphrasing).

— Obviously conversation is over-rated in Jasmine’s world.

Anyhow, Jasmine chose the smokin’ hot 32-year-old conversationally challenged Ex-Navy/Firefighter from Waterloo, Ontario as one of her final three men which meant she got to hit his Hometown and boy……. what a Hometown it was!

It started off OK. Kevin took Jasmine to his university to revisit his glory days on the college football field. (I’m not sure why guys think this will impress a girl).

There he tells Jasmine, “I completely fell in love with you and I am blown away by you.”

But then on the way to his parents house Kevin divulges a bit of family dysfunction saying his mom, Jill wears the pants in the family and is crazy or as he says “kind of the bad cop and the good cop” and ………….. wait for it……………………..

they will have to return to Waterloo, Ontario once a week or “my mom will flip out.”

As if this was not enough of a red flag, when mom meets Jasmine she is very suspicious of her wondering how “a beautiful girl like you is going this route to find yourself the love of your life.”

Ummmm, have you asked your son the same question Jill?!

Anyhow, more on the Hometown from hell later.

Now onto Mikhel —– who I honestly thought would not make it past the premiere! I am so sorry Mikhel. It was just all of the helicopter talk. It’s my ADD. It reminded me of Ryan Park from Ashley Hebert’s season when he kept delivering diatribes on the advantages of tankless water heaters.Mikhel-The-Bachelorette-Canada-Recap-Episode-7

It’s just not the kind of conversation that makes a girl swoon. But look, I was wrong. Jasmine seems genuinely enthralled with Mikhel’s obsession with helicopters and motorcycles. And appreciates the fact that he is so in to safety and security. In other words she knows Mikhel will stick around….and will always wear a helmet.

“I need someone who is willing to stand by me and I know Mikhel is that guy.” Yes, he most certainly is!

Jasmine heads to Newmarket, Ontario to meet Mikhel’s family. Of course she gets a ride on his motorcycle and of course safety comes first.

He does score points by taking her to a very cool drive-in theatre and telling her, “I have fallen completely and utterly in love with you”.mikhel

Jasmine tells him (that he is) “one of the most incredible people I’ve ever met, and you’re one of the sweetest, kindest, most generous and selfless people that I’ve ever met, for real. I care about you a lot and I’m so happy that I’m here with you”–which kind of sounds like she is laying the groundwork for a big breakup, but we shall see.

Mikhel introduces Jasmine to his dad Tim, mom Hema, sister Manisha, brother-in-law Andre and their baby.

In other words the Hometown with Mikhel is a Home run.

Stay tuned. In two weeks Mikhel and Kevin W will go engagement ring shopping and head to the finale to compete for Jasmine’s hand in marriage!!

Part 1 of the dramatic finale airs on Tuesday, November 8th at 9 p.m. on W.

Jasmine says goodbye to Mike Ogilvie

UPDATE 11/22/2016: Jasmine chose Kevin Wendt!! The two are officially engaged…And are still together as of right NOW! Kevin wrote on Twitter a few days ago…”I have so so so much to say, stay tuned”.

I think there is more to this story because on After the Final Rose both Jasmine and runner-up Mikhel acknowledged that they are both still in love and Jasmine talks about how hard things have been with fiancee Kevin…

More to come

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  1. Since they have cancelled all media interviews for today, that is interesting. I hope to see her break up with Kevin and go after Mikhel. I have not been able to see the shows from last night yet. From what I heard her body language seems to show that she is not happy and regrets her decision. They show wrapped in June or so from what I understand. Mikhel and her seem to still love each other from what people said who saw the After Final Rose show. What did Mikhel give Jasmine, jewelry or a photo?? In is shown in a black velvet case?? He will take her back when the time is right if she and Kevin split. It will take some healing time and trust issues to mend. I would value some feedback on my questions. Thanks everyone.


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